How Do Job Seekers Find Vacant Positions That Are Not Posted Yet? | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

EP 2220 Ah! A question about finding where the hidden job market is hiding!

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How Do Job Seekers Find Vacant Positions That Are Not Posted Yet? | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

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I recently introduced a new service where you can do mock interviews, record them, and practice. And then have me review your answers. It's a service where questions are going to get thrown at you, along different topics. You'll record your answers. And I will give you advice about how you could do a better or give you an ad a girl or an Attaboy afterwards. So if you go to the big game forward slash mark, that's going to take you to the site, and I do hope you find it helpful. It has helped a bunch of people. Now let's get going.

This is no BS Job Search Advice Radio, Episode 2020. This is Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter and welcome. Today I answer a question from someone about finding vacant positions that aren't posted, you know, that hidden job market. Hope you find this helpful in giving an honest review wherever you listen to the show. And we'll be back in just one moment. Support for today's show comes from Now Skillshare is a site where they have 1000s of courses, and lots and lots, of course instructors to help you not just simply professionally, but personally as well, I know I have a number of my classes there. And it's one price per month. And it's unlimited access to content. And they give you a seven day free trial. So you can take all my classes that way. If you decide not to renew, okay, you decided not to renew, I'm fine with that. But I'm just simply say, it's a place where you can learn and grow and not have to worry about spending hundreds of dollars for courses like so many instructors make you do, again, use the link in the show notes, get a seven day free trial, it will make a difference in your job search and so much more. And we'll be back in just a moment. How do job seekers uncover vacant positions that are not posted? Here we are with the question of the hidden job market. The hidden job market exists because it's not available on the internet and not finding it on a job board. What you're doing is posting it you're looking for it clandestinely, since it's not openly visible. Like I said, not on a job board, not on LinkedIn, not on a place where you could find it. So let's hit and thus what you need to do is network into organizations that you're interested in working for, to find out what is available, what whether someone can tell you about roles to fit you and develop a rep with a relationship with them and reputation with them. That's why not by rep where they want to refer you for a job. So once it's not publicly visible, you have to hunt it down. That's what headhunters do. That's what contingency recruiters to when they're trying to get jobs to work on their fund. They're trying to find jobs that are not publicly posted, so that they can fill them. So that's what you need to do. So that's today's show, I hope you found it helpful. And if you did, here are a few things I can do to help you with your job search. beyond simply being a coach. First of all, I've got a new book out called the right answers to tough interview questions. It is like a cookbook with answers to tons of interview questions that you're going to be asked on interviews. And if you pair it up with my other new book, the ultimate job interview framework. They are a terrific pair of books to help you with interviewing, in addition to a new service where you can practice mock interviews. If you go to the big game forward slash mock. I've got a service there very inexpensive like $99 where we have mock interviews set up. I'm gonna be adding more to it very soon, but you can record your answers to them. And then I can critique them and help you perform better on them. He proudly have noticed my show notes are pretty thorough with products and services that can help you with your search and connect with me on forward slash i n forward slash the big game hunter. Lastly, my website has a ton of great information. That's the big game hunter dot us. Now if you're not ready to go there and go through the blog, put the address in your phone, the big game Jeff Altman, so this way when you're ready to go, you have a way of getting back to my website. Hope you have a terrific day and most importantly, be great

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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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