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This is part 2 in my series about looking for a job when you haven’t looked for one in a long time. I mentioned that I would include a link to a resume writer in the notes. Please use this link: or use who is supporting this show. Support for this show is also coming from CareerFitter where 10 minutes and 60 questions will give you ideas about a new career 

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I'm continuing a series about how to look for a job when you haven't looked for a long time. Yesterday, I did a video that talked about identifying what you want, by first looking at the things that you don't like about your current circumstances. This is the second in the series and it addresses the question of, "Okay, now what," and we're at the point where we're looking at resumes and LinkedIn profiles.
Depending upon how long it's been since you've looked for a job, job hunting has changed a lot. In days of old, certainly when I started in recruiting many years ago, your resume and your relationships with the door keeper going forward, or the gatekeeper going forward, and you used your resume to get all your interviews. You mailed them out and, believe it or not, back in the day, eventually you faxed them. Now, of course, we email them or upload them to applicant tracking systems.
Now, you're not a resume writer for a living but I want you to think in terms of compiling the data for a resume. Think about role, responsibilities, accomplishments, if you're in the technology field, technology, utilized. As you compile the data, I want you to create a lot of information about what you've done, particularly over the last five to 10 years. Now, if it's been 25 years, since you looked for a job last, 15 years, since you look for a job last, what you did back in the day is less relevant for what someone's looking for for you to do today. So focus on the last 10 years tops, and compile the information about what you did and how you went about doing it.
Now, when I coach people about interviewing, and I'll get to this in another video, I'll tell them to think in terms of telling stories-- situation, objective, action, result or problem, action result-- either way is fine. But the notion is compile the information into story form. Don't worry about length. I want you to have lots of material here because I don't want you to write the resume. What I want you to do is hire a resume writer. I'm going to have a link in the show notes. This is not me who's writing the resume; I'm pointing you to someone else who can do a good job.

Whoever you hire doesn't have to be this person, obviously. But I think there's a lot of value in NOT doing it yourself. Once you have it, I want you to think in terms of your LinkedIn profile, because one of the changes that's occurred is that, from the time that you may have looked for a job last until now, LinkedIn is very, very important. Because what it is, is the place where firms and recruiters hunt for you. So both your resume and LinkedIn profile have to be very keyword rich, based upon the kinds of things that firms look for.
Not sure what those are? Go to a site like indeed, or look at job ads, in general, for positions that you believe you're qualified for and look at the qualifications and responsibilities for things that repeat themselves because that's going to give you a sense of what the keywords are that firms are going to be looking for to find someone like you.
Do not select words like "team player." No one searches for that one. Okay? I think I know where I'm going with here. Think in terms of role responsibilities, skills, accomplishments for the keywords.
Next thing I just want to bring to your attention is in LinkedIn, LinkedIn has a data dictionary for titles, and for certain terms. So, for example, whether it's your employer's name, it's going to start filling out your employer's name as you update your LinkedIn profile. For your job title, it wants to see particular titles, I'll just use the example of Vice President, if you put vice president of whatever it is, the data dictionary may not have the whatever it is part of it and may have the vice president title, but not the other part of it. Just use Vice President as the title and, in the body, use phrases like what you're doing president of.
Again, all I'm asking you to do for now is to compile information that a professional resume writer would use in order to find someone like you using information, keywords that you're finding on indeed or in other places, that will help you assimilate all this information. The longer, the better. The resume writer will distill it down. And one way you can save a little bit of time is, if you have an old resume, it might be useful to pull it out at this time. If you don't, don't worry about it.
Again, no one's hiring you based upon the work that you did when I don't know George HW Bush was president. Okay? And it's unlikely that they're hiring you based upon work that you did when George W. Bush was present, it's more likely that being hired based upon more recent ones on that.
So, that's the next step in this process, compiling this grand file of information, it talks about what you've done since joining your firm.
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