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EP 751 Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter answers a question about how to crack an interview without preparation.

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He was 1 of those fun questions I get asked from time to time. Ready? How do I correct in interview without preparation?

I will treat this as a person who is graduating college, rather than a full-time employee already because, if you are in the work world, you already know you don't want to take the lazy way out. Let me just talk to this person very bluntly.

The way you do it is with luck. If you have good karma. If you're fortunate enough that you have studied well and know your subject cold, then you have a shot. Remember, just because you know your subject cold. According to the textbooks doesn't mean that you know an interview with this firm. The fact of the matter is, and I'm going to be this blunt with you, you cannot correct the interview. You cannot hack the interview without, by definition, doing preparation.

At the end of the day. Are you better off, at least spending 45 minutes to an hour looking at the LinkedIn profile of the person you will be speaking with, having a sense of their background, going to the website of the firm, perhaps looking at a few of the profiles of people working in the department that you would be working in to get a sense of what they are doing and what their backgrounds are? Maybe you practice some answers to predictable questions you might be asked?

How tough is this really that you're going to be such a fool that you want to do nothing in order to get a job? It begs the question of why they should want to hire you? Doesn't answering that question requires some amount of preparation?

I'm being blunt with you because someone needs to smack you across the face and wake you up because if you want to be lazy, you are going to get lazy person's results. If you're going to put an effort to try to become a master of something-- 10,000 hours of expertise and you didn't get it in college, 10,000 hours to become a master. I done recruiting for more than 40 years and I know this subject cold.. You cannot do it unless you are lucky.

So get to work and stop bullshitting yourself and do what you need to do otherwise, be prepared for the consequences. Maybe you'll luck out, but you probably won't..

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