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EP 1582 How to triple your salary? How to quadruple your salary? That is “The Holy Grail” for job hunters. There is no simple answer.

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I love questions like this. The question I received was, "How can I jump from a standard 120 K software job (I think my answers to be true of anyone and not just simply software professionals) to making 400-$500,000 per year?

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Helping you do this?

You could still trade secret that someone else wants. However, as has been learned of the autonomous car field, 1 firm will sue another. As has been learned when quantitative models were taken from one Wall Street firm to another, you will be sued, you may be prosecuted... However, that is away.

However, again, the question is how can you go from a "standard job" to something that plays 3 or 4 times what you currently earn? This is the answer that you don't want to hear – – you can't unless you start a business. No one is going to take the experience that you have that is ordinary (I'm interpreting the word "standard" as meaning "ordinary") and Stripling or quadruple your salary.

You may join a firm that has a sizable bonus. They may offer restricted stock units. They're not going to pay you a salary that is triple or quadruple what you are making currently. It's just the way that it is. You have to have something special. You have to be there at the founding of an organization which means the you have an idea or a friend has an idea and you are going to spend years making next to nothing in order to get that idea going.

If you can do this in one fell swoop, bless you! I don't think it's possible I only have 40 years of search experience, worked with startups for many years and in the last few years I was doing recruiting really worked with consulting firms and what I saw with their clients and with them as well, it wasn't going to be in salary that you are going to make the money. It is going to be in some sort of secondary compensation that you were going to make the money like from a bonus, options, stock, RSUs were someone would have the potential. Even then, there was something in there with RSUs there was going to tell you into that organization for several years and cause you to lose some of that money prior to make investing. Because they always staggered the vesting.

Let me just explain what I mean by that. You received the award and invests over the course of 4 years, or 3 years. Thus, in the 1st year, it is vested 25%.. She have access to 25% of the money. The next year, is vested another 25% and you are getting another a. It is staggered. Ward on top of that. Do you see what I mean? They want to hold you there not giving you all the money right away. It's part of a portfolio of wealth that you have but it is not real cash.

If you're looking to make a job in salary, from $120,000 a year to $400,000 a year, 5 per thousand per year, steal something! LOL! Start something. Those are the 2 basic options.

How Can I Jump From a Standard 120k (Software) Job to Making 400-500k?


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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