Hiring for Fit

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
A coach I know was speaking to a group and among the things he was covering was hiring for fit. I hate the idea of hiring for fit.

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01:21 What toA coach I know was speaking to a group and among the things he was covering was hiring for fit. I hate the idea of hiring for fit. do instead
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Hi, I’m Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. People hire me for no BS career advice and coaching globally, because I make things a lot easier for people.

I’ve never been a fan of fit as part of the evaluation process when hiring. After all, a person who’s being interviewed is on good behavior being evaluated by an interviewer who’s also on good behavior. How do you evaluate for fit when the two people are trying to behave with one another, trying to fool one another, and are being nice? Fit just allows for projection and bias to enter into the hiring process.

The failure of fit is borne out in statistics. Almost 70% of hiring managers have buyer’s remorse within 18 months of hiring someone. I’m sure you’ve had that experience, too, where you hired someone and they really disappointed you. That’s because each of you put on an act, and then became real with one another after they joined. The result wound up being it’s a hiring failure on your part.

Focus on whether a person has the requisite skills. Describe the environment to people– the great, the awful, the typical, who they’ll interact with, and what they’re like. Have the meet them and come to their own conclusions.

You have wasted much too much time making sows or trying to make sows into silk purses. That hasn’t worked out for you, has it? Try it this way. You’re going to have much more effective hires. And at worst, you’ll wind up in a situation where you’ve been honest with people, and they know what they’re walking into instead of always being . . . each of us tried to persuade one another and the result has been lied to about one another. You have to take the first step forward with this.

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