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EP 2033 Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter teaches a simple way to get rid of your nervousness before your interview.

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How do you deal with feeling excited, sufficiently excited that you come to go over the edge and get scared? That's really what nerves are about. You're scared that you not good perform well.

This trick I learned some years ago from a friend that has helped me a lot in cases where I've gotten nervous is the idea of getting to place early, waiting outside because you don't want to have someone watching you do this, and here's what I am going to do.

Breathe deeply and release the air slowly.

Again, deeply and slowly.

Do that a few times,

Relax, relax yourself just with that . . .

It may take a few times before you get into the groove with it. The trick I learned was to do it at least 7 times.

And what that does is physically (this is not the psychological part of it) physically slow your breath down so that you are not breathing those short, shallow breaths that come from nervousness.

Firms, when they interview someone, can pick up on the nerves. It is the quick speech, how you position yourself in the chair that suggests nervousness.

What firms look for when they hire is someone who carries themselves with the degree of self-assurance and confidence. The nervous individual, the one who appears as though they are frightened. . . It's like the sharks get the water and there is a. feeding frenzy that goes on.

But if you just take a moment outside, take a deep breath, and release slowly, you will find your own performance is going to do better, and hearing more of the undertone to the questions that you our asked . . . and the results just could be that much better.


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