Getting Into The Hot Field– Web3

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

The trend toward web3 continues to grow. What types of positions are open? What skills do you need? This is what I cover.

How Far Back Should My Resume Go?

There’s a growing demand for web3 talent in the United States. Companies like Meta and Microsoft are looking for talent, as well as newly launched web3 startups, as well as companies across a variety of different sectors. What skills are needed? Let me walk you through five.

The first one I’ll mention is design skills. Designers are critical to the web3 space to ensure that attractive UI and UX exists to onboard new users. A designer’s role can range from websites and metaverse elements to shaping a project’s overall experience. If this is something that you’re interested in Photoshop, Autodesk sketchbook, Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer and JavaScript are currently the skills in demand here.

The second area is development and coding. That can be blockchain developers, smart contract developers, front end and back end developers, are existing areas currently. So if you like coding and you’re capable, you can focus on this and thus smart contracts is an important part for of all NFT’s. In other words, a digital contract written in code to facilitate trusted transactions between parties. Developers, of course, need a technical background. Thus you need to learn and develop an understanding of various blockchain networks to get started. These are high paying roles, currently ranging between $100 and $150,000 per year.

Content creation because they all need excellent content to reach out and attract the right audience. Content creation involves creating differentcrypto types of materials across platforms, whether they be websites or social media. It includes articles and memes and social media posts, blogs, email, promotional stuff, and more. So content creation goes beyond writing to include podcasts, videos, NFT-related TV shows, for example. So if you have a way of expressing yourself in text, or have great video or podcast making skills, this might be an area for you.

Finding The Career That Fits You

Sales and Marketing is of course, an important part of this, because it’s . . . let’s just say, if you want to make it in this space, sales and marketing is a big part of attracting customers. So basic analytical skills, and tools for SEO and marketing. And thus, you try to stand out by upskilling yourself to immersive marketing techniques and tools.

The fifth area is social media and community management. Because what they’re trying to do is build an organic community surrounding a web3 project. Social media and community manager roles involves moderating communities, managing different social media accounts, especially discord and forums. Thus you need an in depth knowledge of the industry and quality marketing skills.

Now, let’s assume you don’t have a background in these areas, and you’re trying to find a job and you have no experience. Number one is learn a skill. No one’s going to teach you this from scratch. You have to make an investment in yourself to learn what you want to learn to be attractive to firms in this space. So become an early adopter. Be up to date with what’s going on in the field. Follow top projects in their discords and become an active member.

You can also apply for an internship at a web company. This will help you gain some relevant experience but also help you to understand the path that you want to undertake. You can also become a community moderator for an activity or crypto project, because that’s going to help you learn more about the space as well as to grow your network.

Web3 provides a lot of new opportunities in a growing section of the market. Moving from web2 to web3 is going to require that you learn relevant technical skills and develop an expertise. So think in terms of knowing about the industry, whether that’s NFT’s, the blockchain, DAOs, the metaverse and crypto. An investment in time to learn and sometimes in money to learn will help people get entree into the field.

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JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter
JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter

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