From the archives (2012) Finding a Job as the Trailing Partner of Someone Relocating NOTE: I no longer do recruiting. I’m a career coach who helps with workplace issues–job search, hiring more effectively, managing and leading.

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Good morning. It's Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. It's Monday morning at 9am. Eastern Time, and that is the time for No BS Job Search Advice. In this episode, or in these episodes we're trying to do is get very straightforward job hunting advice for people, because job hunting doesn't really have to be as difficult as most of you are experiencing, regardless of the economy. And most of the issue is not about your skills. Most of the issue for people like me, is about the fact that they really don't know how to conduct a job search is a different set of skills. And that's where I try to give you some advice. Now you'll find more advice at my website, Jeff Altman calm. And as I mentioned again, later on, you can sign up for complimentary subscription to my easy no BS job search advice boys are there and the previous are articles I published at the website there's a lot of good information, information about my books and guides for job hunting. But when all is said and done, you need to learn how to conduct a job search, just like you needed to learn how to do your job well. So that's what I try to provide a no BS job search advice radio. Now, today's show is brought to you by consulted Consulting is a site where you can find and fill consulting assignments, temp assignments, full time consulting jobs, temp to perm a contract to hire positions anywhere in the world. absolutely free. posting a job posting your resume is free searching jobs and resumes. Contacting one another is free. If you don't see something on the site, click the button on the homepage that says indeed, it will take you to another site will have even more listings. So that's consulting assignments. calm. Now, Lisa want to introduce a new feature of the show that I'm quite excited about. But today, I want to start off by say, last week was a tough week. For me. It was a tougher week for a lot of my friends in the New York area who were affected by the store. My office was affected, but I personally wasn't. You know, my office was shut down because it was in that grid for power being turned off in Manhattan. So we didn't have power from Monday night late until Tuesday, I'm sorry till Saturday at around 11pm, so no email. So if you happen to forward a resume to me, I'm still playing catch up. I did some work over the weekend, once I saw mail was active again. But I'll try and get in touch with you within the next 24 hours. Now, today's show is going to be talking with you that relocation Finding a job if you are the trailing partner of someone who's going to be moving the explain what I mean about being a trailing partner. Sometimes an organization is going to move a position to another part of the country. Or sometimes one of you find the position first and a part of the country that you've agreed to move to. But if the other view is now going to trail that individual there, and doesn't have a job lined up. So that's what today's show is going to talk about. Before I get into the new feature and some of the jobs I'm recruiting for. So what do you do? I'll speak of my own circumstances where we decided to move in January 2011. sell our home moved to a different part of the country that we really didn't know a lot about. Research did very quickly. I'm just gonna stay with my current firm. I've been with them since March of 2002. I didn't want to leave, they were kind enough to allow me to work remotely even though I was, you know, 14 hours away by car, an hour and a half two hour flight from their offices. So imagine for example, that's you. Do you have that facility? Will your firm allow you to work remotely? For most of you? The answer is no. But for some of you, it's something that you ought to find out pretty quickly. But let's assume that that's not going to be an option for you. The first thing you need to do is research your local market as soon as you can. And sometimes, the offer to move comes very quickly.

One of you is brought into a conference room and management to say good news. We're going to be Moving you to Brussels. Yeah, or Omaha, or New York or wherever it's going to be. And you really don't know a lot about the new area, but have to go hustle. So often, there's only a month or so, sometimes two or three, from the time that one of us going to be asked to move, and the other of us going to have to follow or stay behind. Now, one thing obviously to contend with is if your home or house effort to a movie you if you are home, and is the trailing person, if you're an individual who's who's partners with a firm, that's not going to give them anything, but they really want to follow. Well, you're going to have to sell the house, but you're also going to have to research the new area and find out about the job market for what you do. So you can waste time I'm Deacon Donald, but frankly, you're going to have to hustle to get the contact that realtor, find out about what the market is for selling your home, getting out of your lease, if you're a renter, move into a new part of the country, finding out what the job market is specifically for what you do. I want to be explicit about that. And repeated, particularly for what you do. The generic job market doesn't matter. It's a market for what you do that matters. So for example, if you're moving to, I don't know, Birmingham, Alabama, and the market there is primarily defense market. And what you do is fashion design. Man, it's going to be tough for you got to figure out what you're going to do with that job market. So find out as soon as you can. Next thing you need to consider doing is asking your partners for if they'll give you career consultation, wonderful do that. But they only do is if they ask, you know, basically, from the firm standpoint, they have a vested interest in doing it because it's going to help them retain that employee who's a risk reason, if your partner to find work, so having a consult with an outplacement firm, having a consult with a relocation specialist, who handles and pointed to the new market area is something that they're often very willing to do. Start getting to network is the third thing you need to think of doing. And, you know, being blunt about it. I've always said, you build your LinkedIn network at times where you don't think you need it. So that when you do need it, you know, they know you and they're willing to help you You know, you works with the assumption that you do what it seems like most people tend to do is add lots of names as soon as they can. But don't really try and build relationships with them. I think it's important to add lots of names and build relationships with, make them aware of what you're doing professionally, some of your successes, don't sell. Get involved with groups on LinkedIn. You know, be an advocate for people help them. Don't ask for help until you really need it. But, you know, I go into more detail and one of my guys actually have to drive to really cover this. One is an E book I have available for kindle and as a PDF it's called look me up LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and social networking your way to Job Search success. The other one is LinkedIn job search success Made Simple. The book is 999 the god Is $5 You can find out about them on my website or on Amazon. But

the idea is,

you want to reach into your network and see if there are folks there that are willing to help you. Join a professional organization. Many trade groups have local chapters throughout the country or throughout the world. Start attending meetings in your new city, if you will be moving 1000 miles away, obviously here to it before the move takes place, but sometimes it's a regional movement. Yes. You might drive a couple hours to attend an evening meeting but do it. It's going to help you develop relationships with people meet folks who are in that market in your new part of the country and develop the relationships where they can profit and second you Lastly, if not Else works, obviously, have skipped over applying to ads and making it clear that you're moving to that area by such and such date. But, you know, consider volunteering, consider the part time work, find organizations that will hire you to network within those firms into something more to your liking. So those are a few of my ideas for people who are going to be trailing their partner to a new part of the world. Now, I want to introduce a new feature for you that I'm really excited about. And I just want to say that if you want your phone mentioned in this segment of the show, it's basically the information that forms.

If you want to follow mentioned,

contact me at the Big Game Center at gmail. com Game Center and female code America include recruiting from Jeff this, but actual companies that are hiring. So this is a segment about firms throughout the world, they're going to be hiring people to give you the idea of the numbers of jobs and sometimes I may know about the nature of the positions. But more often than not, you're going to have to be higher either type in these funds directly. Now, the first one is in Pascagoula, Mississippi. This is from questionable shadow, and you're going to be hiring 5000 people over the next two years. These are going to be people in all levels. So they're willing to take entry level people, they're willing to increase what they are increasing their apprentice program. So This is a firm that's going to be hiring people to help them build ships for the short, so you can contact them in Pascagoula neck in Melbourne, Florida, Nuance Communications, is going to be doing a project where they're going to be at 115 jobs during the next year. nuance is a firm that specializes in speech and image software technology. They're based in Massachusetts. They actually developed Philly for the iPhone. So they're going to be hiring hundred 50 people. Lastly for today, is a firm in Virginia called bauuer compressors. They're based out of Norfolk and Virginia, and they're going to be building its workforce over the next few years. For the short term, it's going to be 130 jobs in Virginia but overall that it Hiring about 300 people. So again, that's bauuer compressors, that's going to be doing these hiring. Again, I have nothing to do with these positions, you have to contact them directly. Now for jobs that I'm recruiting for a few the positions I have available. I need an enterprise data architect in Raleigh, North Carolina. They'll relocate someone here or take some local enterprise data architecture, data modeling ATL Informatica background to about 155. I also need an enterprise infrastructure architect with consulting or managed services experience. There are more details at Jeff So look at the listings there. I also need a senior storage architect who's also a road warrior. It could be based anywhere in the US but you need to be prepared to do 80% travel. So if you're qualified, interested in available at these roles, please email your resume to the at the big game hunter at cis and If you know somebody who might fit one of these jobs better than you by EOB, this before the resume, there are many more jobs at Jeff Altman calm more details as well. So come over to the website and search for listings. And while you're there, explore the site because there's a lot of good information, places where you can post your resume information about the job market, information about my books and guys the job. So, like I said, Come over to Jeff Altman calm and explore the listener. This is Jeff Altman, the big game. I hope you found today's show helpful. I'll be back next Monday with more no BS job search advice. I won't be on the air the following week. I will be taking that Monday off. Hope you have a great day. Take care


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