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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

A well-known coach once famously said, “What got you here won’t get you there.” Understanding your strengths is only one element of becoming successful professionally. As the quote calls attention to, the very qualities that helped you achieve this level of success may hinder you moving ahead.

Working together, we start to examine how others see you, look at opportunities to evolve professionally in order to help you position yourself for advancement and a fulfilling life and career.

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Other combinations are also available.

Too often people rely upon people for advice at critical junctures of their job search that are poorly equipped to advise them.


Sometimes what you need are fresh eyes listening to your circumstances and offering expert experience. Sometimes, you need the ear of someone trained as a job search coach offering cures to your problems (To remind you, I am an MSW from Fordham University and attended the Institute of Modern Psychoanalysis for several years).

Whether it is my head hunting experience or my experience as a therapist, I am uniquely qualified to aid you as a job hunter get (back) on the right path and quickly.

Note: I only work with individuals at a manager level and above.

If you are not at least at a manager level, please do not contact me for this form of coaching. 


Jeff is a knowledgeable and sincere career coach. Not only was he always available, he has a true understanding of the dynamics of recruitment, job hunting, offer negotiation and my industry as a whole. Please reach out to him if you need guidance in the areas I mentioned above. You will not be disappointed.

Cyber Security Leader

I was in the middle of a job transition where one position was ending due to end of contract with customer, but I had two possibilities: one with a contingent offer that would start the following Monday, and one full offer with an original start date 2 weeks later. Jeff gave me sound advice, reassuring me which choice is the right one. In fact, the organization from whom I have accepted the offer agreed to bump my start date 2 weeks earlier from the original date, thus giving me a continuous employment flow, just changing organizations over the weekend. I hope to seek advice from him via his YouTube videos as well as his LinkedIn when it comes to my career. Thank you so much for your sound advice Jeff.

Senior Test Engineer

I am in middle of career transition and I recently reached out to Jeff before an important interview. In one hour Jeff was able to help me become well-prepared and he covered lots of important information that really helped me in a lot of ways. He gauges and understands the problem really well and then accordingly provide you with the correct guidance. He is really good with career coaching and I would totally recommend him going forward.


Let Me Help

The spark was lit within you years ago. The flame burns bright to achieve more. You know it’s time for the torch to burn bright that others will want to follow.

“Good enough” isn’t good enough.

Let’s meet together online and regularly to dissect what you situations, dissect your leadership and some of the “political intrigue” you may be experience, dissect how you can step up and be the leader others follow.