EP 876 What happens when you meet someone who sells so hard you feel pushed into a corner. Here, I translate this into an interview setting.

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I want to talk with you about overselling on your interviews. I was your mother this because something popped into my mind over the weekend where I was thinking about a Toastmasters meeting I attended 10 years ago where I was talking to a guy there who was clearly a salesperson and he was over talking a situation. You seemed as though he had been trained in that "always be closing methodology" that some sales people are trained in. I was just revolted listening to him. I really want to get away from him.

I conducted the be sometimes and people are overselling me. They basically told me that they can do anything. I know they can't have another not interested in doing everything. No one goes into a new job saying, "Just pilot onto my plate. No problem. Put in my inbox and will be out of there before you know it." No. You have strengths. You have capabilities. You have interests. You have lack of interests.

Rather than just misrepresent what you are willing to do, when you get to an area that, I would say that it's a deficiency, that's an area that you don't really care to be involved with all that much, you might just simply say, "I can do that but I think the people who can do better than I can. It's not a very nice are a lot of interesting up until this point. Could I adapt? Yes. Isn't the best use of my time? No. Is an area I'm really interested in? No." Don't dwell on it.

Sometimes, firms raise subjects in order to see if you're willing to say no.

Rather than overselling, rather than getting into that mode where you sound like a Ginsu knife salesman, where you can do anything and have done everything known to humanity, rather than get into that mode, make sure that you supplements. Do it early on.

Some offers you not to get was a result of doing this. Who cares? It's not work that you really want to do. Better to be clear and cut off bit options for yourself rather than wind up in the job that's the same or worse than the one that you're in right now because you're doing work that you don't really like doing.

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