Developing A Brand For Your Career and Your Job Search | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

EP 2260 Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter identifies the importance of your brand in your job search and why you should work on one now.

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Developing A Brand For Your Career and Your Job Search | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

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episode 2260
of the number one podcast in apple
podcast for job search this is no bf job
search advice radio i'm jeff altman the
big game hunter and welcome
today's show is one where again i'm
talking about personal branding because
it's important and i know many of you
pooh-pooh it i'm not a brand i'm not
some detergent
you are a brand whether you like it or
not and it's important to pay attention
to shows like the ones i do around
branding and networking because those
are the ones that many of you are
reversed to and those are the ones you
really need hope you find this helpful
hope you give it an honest review
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and with that we'll be back in just one
moment you may have heard the term
branding in the context of job hunting
and you may have even started doing some
work on branding
you know creating a profile for yourself
on linkedin developing a reputation for
yourself you know in your profession
that's all fine and good and if you're
first learning about branding
congratulations you're going to be doing
work to help yourself not on this job
search but on your next one
because the fact is branding is not
something that you do overnight and
suddenly people go oh that's lady gaga
in front of us that's unbelievable
lady gaga and others like her spent
years becoming lady gaga they worked on
creating an image for themselves they
suddenly didn't just pop out on the
scene and become rock stars they paid
their dues they did their work they
developed the relationships and the acts
in order to become lady gaga for example
think in terms of not just this job
search but more importantly every job
search that you do in the future
even while you're doing great work and
that you're happy doing what you're
doing where you're doing it
you're going to be doing things to help
people learn about you to find out about
you to understand you and trust you and
thus want to hire you
rather than that absolute stranger that
they know nothing about
you see branding is the thing that gives
you the edge is the thing that says
that's the big game hunter
he knows what he's talking about that's
how good a brand that is
so i want you to think not in terms of
being me or lady gaga i want you to
think in terms of what you can do to
develop a reputation that others will
like and trust
not for this job search but for every
other one that you're involved with from
this point on
so that's today's show i hope you found
it helpful and if you did here are a few
things i can do to help you with your
job search beyond simply being your
first of all i've got a new book out
called the right answers to tough
interview questions it is like a
with answers to
tons of interview questions that you're
going to be asked on interviews
and if you pair it up with my other new
book the ultimate job interview
they are a terrific pair of books to
help you with interviewing in addition
to a new service where you can practice
mock interviews if you go to the big
game hunter
dot u s forward slash mock
i've got a service there very
inexpensive like 99
we have mock interviews set up i'm going
to be adding more to it very soon but
you can record your answers to them and
then i can critique them and help you
perform better on them
you probably have noticed my show notes
are pretty thorough with
products and services that can help you
with your search
and connect with me on linkedin at forward slash i n forward
slash the big game hunter lastly
my website has a ton of great
information that's the big game hunter
dot us now if you're not ready to go
there and go through the blog
put the address in your phone jeff altman so this
way when you're ready to go you have a
way of getting back to my website
hope you have a terrific day and most
be great


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