Debunking Myths About HR and Job Search

Debunking Myths About HR and Job Search

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

The Importance of Networking Done Right

Networking is often touted as the key to success in job search, but it’s important to understand that not all networking efforts are created equal. Many content creators claim that networking is the ultimate solution, but without the right approach, it can be ineffective. Sending cold emails to people without any HR recruiting experience is unlikely to yield positive results. So, how should people approach networking in order to get results? According to Daniel Space, an expert in HR, the most effective way to network is to play the long game. He shares an example of a candidate who reached out to him after being turned down for a job. Instead of focusing on getting a job, the candidate genuinely expressed an interest in Daniel’s career and the field of HR. They had several conversations where they discussed HR-related topics. Over time, Daniel became the candidate’s champion within his network. When job opportunities arose, he thought of the candidate and forwarded her resume or boosted her chances. This is the power of networking done right. It’s about building genuine relationships and having people advocate for you, rather than simply reaching out and asking for a job.

The Role of Thank You Notes and Cover Letters

Another myth that Daniel debunks is the overemphasis on thank you notes and cover letters in the hiring process. According to Daniel, cover letters were once considered essential for introducing a candidate’s application and adding a personal touch. However, with the advent of applicant tracking systems (ATS) and LinkedIn profiles, the need for cover letters has diminished. Recruiters often have to go through a large volume of applications, and cover letters are rarely given significant attention. Similarly, thank you notes after an interview are not a reliable metric for measuring a candidate’s candidacy. While they may have served as reminders in the past, today’s interview processes involve multiple interviews with various individuals in the company. Expecting candidates to send thank you notes to every person they meet can be excessive and impractical.

The Offer Phase and Negotiation

When it comes to the offer phase, Daniel sheds light on the factors that goes into determining the offer amount. Many candidates wonder how companies arrive at the numbers they offer. According to Daniel, companies have a range for each role, consisting of a minimum and maximum salary. Within that range, there is a target range that the company aims to stay within. The target range takes into account factors such as the candidate’s skills, experience, and industry norms. Daniel emphasizes the importance of demonstrating value during the negotiation process. Instead of focusing on what you want or deserve, it’s crucial to articulate the value you will bring to the role. By referencing specific experiences and skills that align with the company’s needs, you can make a stronger case for a higher offer.

Debunking Popular Job Search Advice

Daniel also addresses the issue of misinformation in job search advice. He warns against relying on advice from individuals who lack experience in HR or recruiting. Many job search influencers on platforms like TikTok may sound knowledgeable but often repeat advice that may not be accurate or applicable. He cautions against using salary information from platforms like Glassdoor, as it may not be reliable or up-to-date. Companies invest significant resources in obtaining market data and ensuring fairness in compensation. Candidates should focus on demonstrating their value rather than relying on external sources for salary expectations.


Debunking myths about HR and job search is crucial for ensuring that candidates have accurate information and can make informed decisions. By understanding the importance of networking done right, the diminishing significance of thank you notes and cover letters, and the factors that go into determining job offers, candidates can navigate the hiring process more effectively. It’s essential to rely on reliable sources of information and focus on demonstrating value during negotiations. By doing so, candidates can increase their chances of securing the job opportunities they desire.

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