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Ep 245 Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter offers a strategy for you to get ahead once you have your next job.

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So many people believe in making incremental job changes and doing the slow, working your way up the ladder thing. That may work for some people but a lot of you can be doing much more.

I want to remind you, using Barack Obama as an example, there is someone who is in assemblyman who became US Senator and immediately began running for president. Maybe you sat in the Senate for less than a year before she went out campaigning. He wound up working the system in a way that served him many of you believe it serve the country and if you don't. This is not about politics. However, I am to look at him from a career perspective as being someone who made quick enormous jumps that allowed him to advance.

This is an easy work and it certainly wasn't for him. Certainly it would be for anyone is able to take advantage of this.

If you're out of work trying to find something, this isn't a strategy for you. However, if you or someone who has something right now, this is the time to start looking for that next big leap so that you're not changing jobs incrementally for the $2000 raise, the $5000 raise. You are going for the big jumps. You're going for the big moves... And you have the experience to back it up.

In politics, is pretty common for presidents to be younger than senators or congressmen , but in business. We look at our progression as being one slow step up the ladder to another, until, eventually, we are supposed to hit the top. It doesn't work that way, doesn't it?

Let's not kid ourselves. You are not going to incrementally work your way up the ladder. You may need to start a business. You may need to take advantage of your connections and keep building networks after you have landed in order to take this big leap. However, you do it, you just gotta do in order to get that to the top faster, rather than on that slow boat.

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