EP 173 Everyone seems a little touchy these days.

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This is the No BS Coaching Advice. Podcast, episode 173. I'm your host Jeff
Altman, The Big Game Hunter and welcome! Welcome to another episode, another show,
another day at home for me which I pretty much like for a month with one
exception I went to at one time for things where I needed to go to two
different stores one of which I was able to shop in my car and the other one was
yes I had to go into Whole Foods and that was not a good experience with
people rushing past me invading the space and not being patient for others
to clear out for them but I digress part of that is I think we're a little a
little agitated we're all a little fearful hiding in our masks rightly
hiding in our masks and doing the best that we can at a time where we're
imbalanced we have the expectation that others are going to be perfect but we
get a little bit of a pass on it if we're not perfect even though we know
better that's the way so many people are acting solely with our political leaders
that everything should have been perfect even though there's generations of them
who have left us in imperfect situations and now during this crisis that
everything should have been anticipated and handled someone wouldn't feel
degree of discomfort. Lord knows, all of us in our work have the desire to do
things perfectly and are not successful, right? We have a huge amount of
information and yet we're imperfect right and I'll just simply say folks
remember almost everyone in their life almost everyone that you need is trying
the best they can to do what they can and it's never gonna turn out
perfectly all the time. Give it a break.. Stop blaming others. Take a deep breath
and enjoy this Sabbath day where we're all a little bit crazed from having been
indoors for so long and cut other people some slack . . . as long as you're not the one
who's getting hurt
admit it do you make mistakes lots of them own up to them for change you know
we're all under a lot of pressure these days and sometimes our best qualities
don't come out that's true of our political figures right that's true of
us too they are human beings we are human beings we make mistakes where we
can be better than them is it knitting our mistakes and doing it in a way will
convey your sincerity, own up to what you do wrong, no one expects you to be
perfect. Well, they hope you're going to be
perfect as I brought down the previous segment but you're not going to be that
way but well you can be perfect isn't owning up to the mistake that you made
and asking for forgiveness providing gift in return as a way of
demonstrating your desire to be shall we say honest with people and own up to
your mistake you can send it through. Amazon to someone just have it arrive
with them so that they have that expression of your care for them and the
fact that you know you did wrong and you want to improve on the relationship with
them try that they will be remarkably surprised
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a great day and take care


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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