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Don’t rely too much on job boards and sites like Monster, Indeed and LinkedIn.

Your resume has responsibilities but not accomplishments listed in your employment history section.

You should be networking to get interviews, and applying directly to companies that interest you.

You’re trying to send applications quickly and not “tailoring” your resume for each job description.

You’re applying for positions that aren’t the right fit for your background.

Your resume is too long and getting skimmed over rather than read closely by employers.

If you’re not applying for enough jobs, you need to focus on the quality of your applications.

Don’t rely on job boards, don’t mass-email your resume out without “tailoring” it. Your resume doesn’t stand out.

If you have any work experience at all, it’s one of the first things recruiters and hiring managers want to see. Adjust your resume until that’s the case, and you’ll start getting more interviews. 

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