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Preparing to Job Search: Changing Your Attitude |

Preparing to Job Search: Changing Your Attitude |

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EP 1193 I discuss the first step to preparing to job hunt–changing your attitude.


This is clearly the place most people need to start and that is with changing your attitude.

You see, a lot of people have been conditioned to be an employee and become obedient. You start in school, you talk to signature and act like a training chimp, answer questions that you are posed, if you got your chair when you are very young that going to give you ADHD drugs to try to keep confined. If you're bored because the teachers awful, your great start to suffer. If you don't do your homework on time, the grades go. If you gossiping other students, you become the target of criticism ostracized from the in-group and your teachers see this ego drugs again. It's awful.

You get into the workforce and you are being conditioned even more. Do what you are told. Come in at a certain time. Leave it is certain time. On and on and on. A lot of managers, a lot of bosses try to make the people guilty. I want you adopt a different attitude.

I want you adopt an attitude that basically says, "I am the chairman were the chairwoman of the board of my own business. My shareholders are my wife/husband/partner/lover/whoever is important to you.. I am responsible for my career. " Not big mommy Corporation not big daddy Corporation. You are the one who's responsible. You have to think of your career as being something in your hands not in the company's hands.

For a lot of people, this is a big shift but the reality is that the company only does what is good for them. There going to chew you up and spit you out if you're not careful and look out for yourself. I know so many different people who have been posted to careers that they don't really want to have, only to be dismissed during bad economic times which are completely understandable, but they can't find work because the need for the job that they have been doing has been unique to that one firm.

By changing your attitude as the head of your business, thinking of it that way, you start to look at your career differently. You start to think of it as being something that you own and not one the company owns.

Millions of people around the world have learned the hard way that in bad economic times, corporations to talk about permanent employment quickly point out the fact that you live in "at will" state and they don't have to keep you working there.

Don't full for the BS. Start looking out for yourself. Start looking you for what the market demands in the way of skills for the kind job that you do In the company will pay for its, pay for yourself and then get someplace that appreciates you.


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