EP 845 This is a repeat from last year that I thought would be helpful Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter discusses how we certify ourselves during a job interview as the person to be chosen. You’ll may notice that on this show what my usual outro music was used as an intro . . . I was experimenting then!

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I was part of a nonprofit group that runs men's retreats around the United States and the world. In the course of standing for what is called certification (it's basically being authorized by committee of men to leave these weekends). I was basically told that the idea you try to have his certify yourself.. Your manner and your demeanor go a long way toward whether or not you are ever going to be chosen to be hired for an organization. That is true in my case as to whether or not to be certified to leave these retreats; that is true when you're being interviewed for position.

Does that mean you supposed to carry yourself like a firm determined individual? No. It's really about your self-confidence and your certainty in yourself, no matter what your personality is and how that displays itself in the course of the interview. You don't have to be an interview clone after reading like so many other people do with the behavior that is false or having false arrogance when you present yourself. You just have to have that presence and bearing that says I am comfortable in my skin, I know what I know and be able to people squarely on and, at times you smile, at times may even laugh, at times you may display some discomfort or agony about decisions you made, but you're comfortable in your own skin as you speak about your experience and your accomplishments in the role.

When you can do that, it doesn't really matter whether someone chooses you are not. They will choose you. When all is said and done, when you can certify yourself, when you can carry yourself with belief in yourself that you are the authority, then ultimately, you will do so much better on your interviews, so much better professionally.

I just want to encourage you – – relax! You don't have to act any particular way. You just have to really be yourself and be comfortable in your own skin.

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