A Promotion Isn't Owed To You
Managers often do a very good job of stroking their employee's ego and, thus, give them a sense of false security and expectations.
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The Invisible Professional: How To Stand Out In Today's Job Market
For you plotting a career, being “invisible” should now be considered malpractice for any serious professional.
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Back-Channeling to Get Interviews
I'm here to share an effective strategy that can help you stand out and get the attention of employers.
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4 Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile with ChatGPT
Leveraging ChatGPT can help you optimize your LinkedIn profile and stand out to recruiters and hiring managers.
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EP 160. An amazing football and Sir Winston Churchill combine for today's show.
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Is Your Company Trying To Hide You From View?
What happens when the need to promote yourself, your knowledge, and your career runs up against corporate policy about how you use social media
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4 Big Ways You Are Screwing Up Your Hiring (And How To Fix It)
Four common mistakes that can cause your process to take much longer than it needs to:
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I didn't get a response when I applied. Were these jobs fake?
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Taking Control Of Your Job Interview
Almost everyone knows how a job interview is going to go.
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