Laid Off
You may have high levels of stress after a job loss.
From, part of the CareerOneStop suite of web products, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration. While finding a new job—and replacing your lost wages—may be your top priority, it’s important to deal head-on with the stress you may feel as a result of a job loss. Understanding and dealing...
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How to Spin Your Layoff in a Job Interview When Your Head Is Still Spinning
Losing your job can leave your head spinning at the exact time you need to stay cool, calm, and collected.
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Moving On After A Job Loss - What You Need To Do
Moving on after a job loss is very possible. When unemployment levels start rising and companies cut back on their staff, it isn’t surprising that many people have found themselves on the fringes of the workforce, waiting for the chance to find something else. Some find steady work, but others do not and it’s not as...
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5 Tips for Being Prepared for Layoffs
Before employers announce layoffs, they frequently use phrases like "We're going to be making a lot of changes around here."
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Understanding Your Severance Package and How to Create a Budget After a Layoff
Your manager tells you they're letting you go for business reasons and slides a piece of paper across the table. It's a severance agreement.
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I Wasn’t Laid Off . . . This Time
The layoffs have occurred and the goodbyes have been said. You are still at your desk in the same job. You know it doesn’t mean that there won’t be another round of layoffs and that you won’t be cut then. I spoke with someone not too long ago who survived four rounds of cuts only...
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“Can I See You for a Minute?”
I have always told people that when a manager is asked, “Can I see you for a minute,” on Friday afternoon, they know that the person is about to quit
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Should I Start Looking or Wait to See If I Can Get a Package?
When the rumors start at your company, there are two instincts people have—put their head in the ground or head for the hills.
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Before Layoffs Happens
When things look bleak, most people stick their heads in the ground as an ostrich does. It explains why so many people allow their homes to go into foreclosure instead of picking up the phone and calling the bank’s workout department to make other plans. I have been blogging about the job market since August...
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