Here are five brainteasers that will get you going in the morning.
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5 Quick Brainteasers
Here are 5 quick interview brainteasers for you to practice with.
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How Many Times a Day Do a Clock’s Hands Overlap?
I'm going to walk you through the way to solve the problem and then give you an answer.
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An apple cost forty cents, a banana cost sixty cents, and a grapefruit cost eighty cents. How much does a pear cost?
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The Light Switches Brainteaser
So, firms are going to use tricks like this to try to weed out people who freeze
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The boat and the ladder brainteaser
There is a boat at sea.  It has a 10-foot ladder off the side and the rope ladder is 1 foot underwater.  It starts raining incredibly hard,
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Blindfolded at a Table
How do you split the coins into 2 groups such that the same number of coins are heads in each group?
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The Two Dice Brainteaser
What is the probability that you are not going to roll a pair?
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