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I was coaching someone recently and, it’s funny how this pattern reoccurs. They’ve got a case study interview and they want me to go through a couple of cases with them in a mock interview and I will tell you that this pattern repeats itself so consistently! It doesn’t matter whether you are a junior individual or senior. I see this happen all the time.

So, you are presented with a case with a couple of scenarios to it and some questions be specific in answering the questions. You got that part right. But, people forget a couple of things. The number 1 thing they tend to forget is that there is missing information that needs to be gleaned from the interview.

So, in a recent example, they didn’t have a sense of what the team was going to be like that they were going to be leading. How experienced were they or whether they junior or senior? Have they ever worked with one another to know whether or not these are a group of renegades that have been tossed into a bucket or whether this person will have to pull them together or whether they are an existing cohesive team?

Some things were not in the case study that they should have asked about. In another scenario, there was missing information that should have been explored for.

When you’re in the case interview, part of the way they are evaluating you is to see whether you just go right to diving into the answer. That is the wrong approach, particularly if, you are in leadership. That’s because you are demonstrating that you function in the weeds. If you’re just graduating and you’re going for a junior role, there’s an expectation you are going to see things at a certain level.

However, if you’re more senior at a higher level, there is a different perspective that you have to have from your experience and an expectation that you can address. For example, how large is your budget to do this project, right? There is a difference as to what you could accomplish with a budget and certain timelines.

Again, some questions need to be followed up with before you launch into your answer that, if you just dive indirectly, you are going to miss the boat.

And, even if you guess the answer, they are going to the point that that you were missing information. It can prove costly to you.

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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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