Career Coach Office Hours: September 7 2021 |

Career Coach Office Hours September 7 2021

I couldn’t find my questions but now have them!

Career Coach Office Hours: September 7 2021 |

I address a number of questions about job search, hiring, and managing

I’m a nurse. I gave my 2-week notice last Thursday. I don’t think I can make it in the 2 weeks, but I actually gave the notice. I do have another job lined up. I currently work in a toxic environment. We’ve lost 5 nurses in the last month and we’re only a unit of 15. My unit has a very high turnover and my manager is a tyrant, plain and simple. Should I even fulfill the 2 weeks?

What are the four important parts of a cover letter?

I want to get a job since I’m in college but I can’t drive and I’m not qualified for any of the on-campus jobs. What should I do? (I’ve never had a job before).

How do job seekers uncover vacant positions that are not posted?

What does it mean when a recruiter says, “I wanted to let you know we are little ways out on making any decisions regarding next steps. I will keep you posted as I learn more?”

As a manager who always tries to listening and understanding, what is the best way to prevent members from taking advantage of it?

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