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Career Coach Office Hours September 28 2021 | JobSearchTV.com

Today’s show answers these questions

If you work in HR or are involved in hiring, the average time spent looking at someone’s resume is 6 to 7 seconds so what’s something that really stands out to you and helps you separate individuals from the herd?

How can I respond to questions I don’t understand during an interview?

How long are you supposed to wait after a job interview to send a follow-up email?

What’s the best way to approach the salary negotiation process?

What does the phrase “we are at an absolute point in the negotiation mean?”

Should I switch companies to bump my salary?

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up in the big game hunter and welcome to
the tuesday episode of career coach
office hours
on tuesdays
i field questions i received during the
week about job search
you can put other questions into chat
related to hiring more effectively
managing and leading resolving different
workplace issues a whole host of
different things
friday's show which is at 9 00 am deals
with something different
and what we try to do
is answer questions the focus it becomes
on the questions that i received about
hiring managing leading workplace stuff
but in chat i also feel questions
related to job search now
if you have a question for me you can
email in advance of the show at the big
game hunter at gmail.com
and the subject line please put the
phrase office hours
because it just helps me organize my
mail well uh so i can see your message
and marco thank you i appreciate the
love this uh so
if you have a question don't hesitate to
put in the chat okay
now i have a number of questions and i
have a heartbreak at 12 30 today uh
because i have a session scheduled right
behind this so let me just dive right in
as people join all field questions if
they have them
so question number one
if you work in hr or involved in hiring
the average time spent looking at
someone's resume is six seconds
so what's something that really stands
out to you and helps you separate
individuals from the herd
well i worked in search for a long time
uh like 40 years
and filled lots of positions i
you know we quantified i reviewed over
750 000 resumes but i know it was a lot
more than that
what i'll say is the first thing that
you're able to do is see very quickly
that someone doesn't fit
you know you're looking for particular
terms that aren't there
if you're not sure you use the find
feature in word to search for those
and if they're not there you can just
hit delete because what's the point you
made as a and again i was a third-party
recruiter you may
recognize something in the person's
background that might fit for something
and they don't fit for this job
most of the resumes i received were not
a fit for anything i was working for
they were basically spam
so the easiest thing is the rule out
the rule in is very simple i'm seeing
things to relate to what my client was
looking for and thus in those cases
you get in touch with that person or
send them a message or if you're not
sure i would send an email to clarify a
point uh again this is not the era of
i stopped working in search like five
years ago uh so
when all is said and done i'm looking to
rule people out first because that's
always easy and then in in for this job
in for another job and i'm recognizing
something there or i'm not seeing
something there that makes me make a
decision one way or the other
second question is how can i respond to
questions i don't understand during an
i love this one
and the idea is you want to buy some
and one of the easiest ways
to do that is to ask them to refrain
raise the question
you know
could you rephrase that question a
little bit differently
that becomes an easy way to do it
another way is with you doing more of
the talking and say i just want to make
sure i understand your question
correctly are you asking me for fill in
the blank or
something else
and thus what you're able to do is
get them to clarify in that way
so when all is said and done
clarification allows you to buy a little
bit of time
either way they're going to talk a
little bit more and sometimes you get
someone who's really shrewd
on the first question and say do your
and that puts it back at you to clarify
a point uh or to give them the answer
no matter what
over talk if that happens by that i mean
explain what you're thinking is
so that they understand how you came to
that answer so that
you're not feeling like a dope
the biggest thing is not to project
professionalism requires you take the
bull by the horns
and ask questions like in the first
could you clarify your question a little
bit could you rephrase the question a
little bit uh i'm
there's a couple of possible ways i
could go i want to give you what you
it all works just ask them and that buys
you some time
to come up with the answer how long are
you supposed to wait after a job
interview to send the before send the
follow-up email
the answer is you should ask that at the
among your final questions to ask is
when do you think i might hear back
after the interview after tonight
well and then there's a couple of ways
that they can respond
number one is they can say to you
we'll respond somewhere when hell
freezes over or the more professional
way to say is we have a lot more people
to talk to and we'll be back when we're
done with the first round basically what
they're saying is don't call us we'll
call you
another way is
you should hear by early part of next
week which basically is you know you
have some sort of a commitment as to
nothing to hang your hat on a third way
they might respond is to say you might
hear early part of next week about um
scheduling you back to meet so and so
more interest on their part right
and then whatever they say
let's say they say early part of next
week stick with that as an example so if
i haven't heard from by wednesday
thursday is it okay if i follow up
you do that in the interview so there's
no guesswork because remember on their
side they can always say sure
weight basically says
not so fast we're not all that thrilled
with you so everything they respond to
your question with is a signal of
interest or disinterest
and thus if you haven't heard from them
in two weeks you can pretty well kiss
this thing off
because they're not so excited
if they were excited they'd get back to
you much sooner than that but i would
message them let's say you do the
interview on thursday
if you didn't ask this question which is
i don't know why you wouldn't
but if you haven't heard from by
wednesday i'd follow up with an email
don't sit back waiting for the phone to
ring like a date on thursday night
what you do is you always take the bull
by the horns and and ask the question
and reach out to them
what's the best approach to the salary
negotiation process
god what an awful question
the salary negotiation doesn't begin
after you get the offer salary
negotiation begins during the interview
and once you realize that when they're
asking you about desire compensation
you're in states where it's still legal
or locales where it's still legal once
they're asking you about how much you're
earning and how much you're looking for
they're negotiating
you don't think it's a negotiation but
they're negotiating remember they have
the ability to follow up and say would
you be a little bit flexible they're
negotiating right
everything during the interview is the
negotiation and thus when they get to
the offer phase to them
you know they're taking your information
and acting from it and if they're trying
to lowball you it's because they haven't
necessarily fallen in love
you haven't hit all the talking points
or they're trying to get you on the jeep
you need to be prepared for offers by
recognizing your answers to previous
questions during interviews
and noticing
what their response was by noticing
their response you can tell whether or
not they're interested at those prices
if they're coming in for less they're
taking a shot
there's no love there and i'm not going
to go into negotiation after the offer
because there's a million ways to
negotiate you can go to my youtube
channel which is
jobsearchtv.com and get to the playlist
that talks about salary negotiation
videos it might be easier actually to
find it at my website the big game
hundred dot eus and then use the
of salary negotiation videos to pull
those up and start watching you'll see i
have a few hundred there about salary
i can't cover a few hundred videos in a
limited time on the show
next question
what does the phrase we are at an
absolute point
in the negotiation
you know if you think of absolute in
math absolute is
you know the limit
this is it
this is the specific and it's the same
thing in the negotiation an absolute
point to the negotiations we're maxed
out we're done
if you want to talk keep flapping your
we're not going a dollar above this
we're not changing anything
uh in our offer in order to up the money
we're at the point where we're about
where we're saying to you you have two
leave it or take it
nothing more so
basically what they're saying is we've
had enough of this game
you've got to choose
last question for today my goodness i'm
plowing through this stuff that
should i switch companies to bump my
salary let me just check something there
we go
should i switch
in order to get my salary to bump my
do you like your job
yes no that's easy
like the work that you do yes no that's
easy do you like the people you work
with yes no that's easy
think from the standpoint of what you
want to accomplish if it's purely about
money you can go to your management and
you know
i think i'm underpaid by market
standards you know when i've gone online
you've been looking online yeah i've
been looking online just like you do
when i've been looking online what i'm
seeing is people with my level of
experience in this geographic area are
in such and such
and i'm about ten thousand dollars below
that number
so i really appreciate it if you
uh increase my salary
between cycles and this could be our
secret if that's your preference the
idea is
to basically say you know i've been
looking online
watch the look on their face when you
acknowledge that
and i'm seeing i'm underpaid to the tune
of about whatever it is and i'd really
appreciate it if you increased our of
the my salary now so that in this way
i don't have to think about doing
anything else
it's implied in that the children look
for another job unless they increase the
and if they say go ahead be our guest
well you have a message on that
if they you know say uh we'll we'll be
back together week i don't know if i can
do this
basically what they're saying to you is
they're a little bit nervous and they
want to buy some time
get your resume dust it off start
working on getting interviews
they may only be allowed to increase the
offer at the point that you resign and
they make you a counter offer
that's certainly possible
but from the standpoint of
is of the variables of all those other
things i mentioned earlier related to
the work your co-workers your insurance
coverages etc
that make the decision
you know more complicated than should i
switch companies to increase my salary
i'm jeff altman i hope you found this
helpful if you didn't you're watching on
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i'll also say that
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lastly connect with me on linkedin at
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you know forms of coaching related to
the workplace
uh let me know i like knowing i'm going
i'm helping some folks
i hope you have a terrific day and most
be great
take care


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
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