Career Coach Office Hours: September 24 2021 |

Career Coach Office Hours September 24 2021

Although the Friday show emphasizes hiring, managing, leadership, and resolving workplace issues, I’ll also respond to questions about your job search you put into chat.

Career Coach Office Hours: September 24 2021 | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

How do I make myself “layoff-proof” as a middle manager?

Do software engineering managers always rank their engineers in their minds?

Are group job interviews effective in choosing a good employee?

How can I write or compose an email to convince candidates to apply for a job?

Is hiring an applicant with a noticeably receding hairline for a customer-facing, direct sales position a poor long-term investment given that their obvious aesthetic deficiencies are only likely to get worse over time?

If you will be a manager in the future, what are a few considerations on why and how you will hire your employees?


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in the big game hunter and welcome to
the friday edition of career coach
office hours
in case you don't remember
what i did
is well i do two shows weekly one
is currently tuesday at noon eastern the
other one is on friday
at 9 00 a.m eastern
to me i just believe that folks need
what i try and do in the show is answer
questions from people they email it to
me in advance ideally but if you
haven't done that just put your
questions into chat
although this shows answers are going to
be focused on messages i've received
around hiring managing and leading
workplace related issues
things along those lines
i also will take questions and chat
about job search as well the tuesday
show emphasizes job search the friday
one i take the questions related to
managing hiring leading workplace
related issues
and i'll just remind you next friday at
11 a.m eastern i'm going to be on
clubhouse with lynn williams
i believe the show is called
winning interviews
getting job offers something along those
lines so that's at 11 a.m eastern on
get a notification on clubhouse by
looking for that show it's already been
scheduled and i hope to have a chance to
help you with your interviewing
this job search and for many more to
now one thing i'll just start by saying
there's no shortage of information
you can find information available using
you can go onto youtube twitter
facebook even
you know there's lots of ways you can
get information
to solve your problems
but what comes down so often is
people don't do the work
to practice to put ideas into practice
to make an effort to become masterful
and thus
maybe you do it one time right but it's
almost by accident and you're not really
putting in effort so effort is a big
part of this
working at something like you know when
you're in school you do homework
and same thing with your career
you can't just casually trace through
your career or you get the results that
you deserve from them
you have to be a pro pros practice pros
put in effort they learn what the right
thing is and do a great job
getting good at it
so be a pro
do the work
don't be lazy about this sort of thing
let's get to your questions okay
oh i love this one
how do i make myself layoff proof as a
middle manager
you can't
you work for a company they start losing
money they don't need you anymore you're
not laid off proof they're out the door
your boss does something defensive
someone 32 levels up decides
wow what a jerk we got to get rid of
and everyone reports to them who's
complicit in this
there's no control over that decisions
are made up high
budgets budgets get cut we don't really
need that project anymore we don't
really need someone to do
that kind of work anymore you're gone
there's no such thing as layoff proof in
modern times
so don't kid yourself
don't kid yourself what gives you a
chance is having skills that are in
demand and being known about so that in
this way
you know should there be a problem
people know about you and want to bring
you on board you're seen as an expert
this is about how you brand yourself
not about being a layoff proof at your
current company
so that's question number one
question number two
do software engineering managers always
rank their engineers in their minds
well if you're a manager do you
you know you've got a stronger person
you know
you tend to advantage them right
you've got a weaker person weaker by
your team's performance
you rank them lower
what's unusual about this
it's very common for people
to categorize
we categorize cars we categorize food we
categorize everything because it's
convenient now some are going to say
well you shouldn't really do that
but let's get practical people do that
as a result
you wind up
if you're a staff person your
performance is being evaluated all the
your behaviors are being evaluated all
the time someone does better in meetings
they're seen as being
a superior individual in front of users
for example or other
well you're going to put that person out
front more than the person who
is ill-prepared right
so i know people say you don't do that
but it's human nature too so let's not
kid ourselves
are group interviews effective in
choosing an employee for a good employee
and no
it's not the framework of the interview
that is what's going to determine
whether you hire someone event uh who's
good or excellent it's what you do in
the interview in that group interview
that makes that determination if
everyone's just flinging questions like
hash all over the place
and there's no cohesive
thinking behind them
well you're going to get a haphazard
higher you're going to miss good people
because you haven't really thought
through your hiring process let alone
how you're going to evaluate someone
as a result
again it's not
the process
or the format of the interview that's at
what you do in the interview
that's problematic or will ensure that a
good hire takes place
and again i'm just going to remind
everyone if you have a question put it
into chat it could be about job search
hiring more effectively managing and
leading as well as resolving a workplace
related issue
and i'll just also say
if you want to just say hi do that as
well love to hear from you and um
hey max how are you
good to hear from you ramesh nice going
and let's keep going okay
okay next question
how can i write or compose an email to
convince candidates to apply for a job
this almost seems like a question from a
recruiter rather than from a hiring
and it's kind of like a baby question
to me
when i think of when i worked in search
i made it clear what i was looking for
for my client
i went so far as you know i'll give you
something i remember from my past
i'm doing a search for a client
you know they're looking for someone who
and i give them a short summary this is
a detailed description of the
responsibilities as they've outlined
them the functionality you'd perform
and what they're looking for and i just
put out the job description for them so
that this way you know
they can self-select
they can screen themselves out it's just
a smarter way of doing it
if you're qualified interested and
please email your resume and word to me
at and i provide an email address
is this convincing
well it worked a lot and it also didn't
work a lot if you think you're going to
get 100 hit rate on sending an email
you're not
and that's true whether it's an email or
a message of any sort whether it's
an email
whether it's something in messaging
whatsapp what have you so the idea is
you want people to select themselves to
screen themselves in
or screen themselves out unless what you
want is thousands of stupid pointless
resumes to input into your system that
we're going to waste a lot of time
thank you what are your three top most
favorite books
which you wanted to share with us here
cool uh so i'm gonna point to a guy
named lance secretary spelled
i really like his stuff
um and
yeah it's about leadership my favorite
is the spark the flame and the torch
i started i read that the first time
probably about three four years ago and
then again a year and a half ago
fabulous book on leadership
another one is of his books is called
the bellwether effect
i truly like that book a lot
there were a couple from james althechur
read and then i've been listening to you
on audible um i think the most recent
book i'm drawing a blank on the name uh
is worth a read as well as a previous
book called choose yourself
so that's four
i hope you find that helpful
so let me go back to another question oh
and again that's lance separatan
the spark the flame and the torch
the other one is the bellwether effect
and i mentioned two from james altitude
as well
coming back to questions
is hiring an applicant oh i love this
one and you'll understand why when you
see my hairline
is hiring an applicant with a noticeably
receding hairline for a customer facing
direct sales position
a poor long-term investment
given that their obvious aesthetic
deficiencies are only likely to get
worse over time
i haven't heard such stupidity in a long
time let me point out that the person
that this individual is selling to
may be bald they may have a shaved head
they may be unattractive by your
and they may feel closer to someone who
you judge
in your independent wisdom
to have aesthetic deficiencies
you know
hair as an aesthetic pleasure point
people actually think this way it's
bizarre to me and i talk as someone
who's got a shaved head i went bald
first and then shaved my head
what's wrong with being bald oh
you're just not good looking
and if this is the way you're going to
measure a great sales person i'll start
a question your sanity after all that
bold guy
that unattractive woman by your
may be a top performer at their previous
firm you may be getting a hundred
million dollar performer who happens to
be bold
what's wrong with that you got a problem
with it
if you will be a manager in the future
what are a few considerations
as to how you'll hire your employees
and why
this is the last question i've received
for today
what are a few things you'll take into
well like in the stock market past
performance is not a guarantee of future
so you want to get a sense of what
they've done previously
you want to test it
and i'll simply say
you want to have a standardized way of
evaluating competency
competency for each individual job
depending upon the role
you may be able to find someone who is
able to express themselves
better or accurately
again some roles require exceptional
oral communications some don't so
don't start off with oral communications
as being a major thing
can they express themselves in written
in oral fashion in ways that you as a
manager can get to
understand their points
there's a lot that goes into it
but it starts off with understanding
whether they're qualified
to do the work
that is going to be required of them
finding a way that you'll evaluate it
make sure that everyone who's involved
in the evaluation process understands
the criteria that you want them to
evaluate people by so that you they're
not just winging questions at them
without any rhyme or reason
a degree of standardization is the
launch point then from there you start
looking at
how people get along with them
knowing that
they're on good behavior
and so are you so
you're on good behavior and not being
and so are they
so remember that as you evaluate and
that's why you start off
with the notion of a standardized skills
there's one more question in chat which
three to five skills are needed the most
when we're trying to become an
or freelancer
i'll say that what those skills are are
ones that you're exceptional at
you can research on any number of the
freelancer sites
what's in demand but what that does is
put you into a pond with a lot of other
many of whom have already gotten
so ideally you want
a strong social proof if you're going on
to a marketplace
in order to demonstrate
that you're capable
even if
five or six of your friends
mythically sign up
for services on that marketplace you
deliver something for them and they
write a great review
great reviews are important so you want
proof of your capabilities
from there it's not just it's not about
being the best in a big area it's about
being the only one in an area
where everyone knows that you're the
that you're exceptional if you're
competing with
200 other people for as i'll use an
example that i buy which is translation
well i started at 20 an hour
and i know everyone was basically using
online transcription
i eventually bought that same
transcription service so i could see
what they were doing
from there
someone else in another country
contacted me and that became 10
for 70 minutes
now i'm down to five dollars an hour for
excellent transcription services because
everyone's doing the same thing and you
figure it out
so what skills are needed the most
good writing skills to be persuasive for
someone to contact you
what's also useful sales skills because
ultimately you're selling and if we're
not talking about marketplaces
you have to be able to market yourself
you need to be seen as exceptional that
takes time
so don't sell yourself short and just
leap into something
because it should be highly competitive
and you'll have no advantage for
go out there
develop an expertise be world-class at
make sure other people know your
world-class ad
it does make a huge difference for when
people want to find someone
i hope you found that helpful i'm jeff
altman i'm going to bring today's show
to a close
visit my website the big game hundred
dot eus i have thousands of posts there
that you can watch listen to or read
that'll help you find work more quickly
i also do one-on-one coaching and as i
started off this show with
i'll make sure that you do the work
because just listening to me
talk isn't enough
and you have to put in effort in order
to be successful
you may be exceptional at what you do
but job search or is
i was asked becoming a freelancer or
entrepreneur is a different skill set
you have to become a salesperson you
have to become a marketer not just
simply excellent at what you do
put in the effort learn
get help if you need accountability
coaching i do that too and it's very
inexpensive for a couple of weeks of
coaching so
buy that from me as well at the website
again the big
and connect with me on linkedin at forward slash i am forward
slash the big game hunter
watch me on youtube that's it
uh follow me there subscribe to the
and i hope you have a terrific weekend
and most importantly be great
take care


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