Career Coach Office Hours: November 23 2021 |

I answer questions about job search, hiring more effectively, managing, leadership, and resolving workplace issues. If you have a question for me, you can email it in advance to TheBigGameHunter(at) In the subject line, put the phrase “Office Hours.” During the show, you can put any question into chat for me to answer

Career Coach Office Hours: November 23 2021 |

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hi it's jeff open the big game hunter
and i'm live today
uh it's tuesday
november 23rd i'm not going to be doing
a friday show this week as i might
normally or as i normally do
it's thanksgiving in the united states
this thursday
we're heading up to new york to spend
time with family so i'm going to take a
few days off for a change instead of
working like i always do
so i'll be back on november 30th at 9 15
and then back to my normal schedule and
i'll figure out the christmas period i
may still do linkedin lives
and live stream during that time just as
a way of answering questions from people
it's gonna be a little bit easier um
and my podcast i'll figure out what to
do with the podcast as i get closer to
the time but normally i take a little
bit of a break from producing podcasts
around christmas into early new year
and for today if you have a question for
me about job search hiring more
effectively management
some workplace related issue put it into
let me know about it i'll address it
during today's show and i do have a
number of questions already from people
uh that emailed me in advance
if you have a question that you'd like
me to address
you can always email it to me at
in the subject line put the phrase
office hours
office hours i tell you and that lets me
know what it's about i can organize it
and then be able to address it with the
next live stream i may message you
beforehand but i want to make sure that
i answer your questions
on a live stream because
your issues
are other people's issues
and it can help someone else so don't be
afraid to ask a question
it will help others and i'm happy to
help you so again
yeah if you're on linkedin
youtube or facebook and you have a
question for me put it into chat i'd be
happy to answer it and if you're here
you know let me know that you're here
you know just
just say hi to me it's always nice to
hear from folks
i love acknowledging people and i'm
going to go to the first question
and zero in on that okay
first question this is a fun one
was the question why do you work at this
company relevant when answering
questions from an interviewer
if i'm understanding the question that
it translates into does it really matter
how you answer the question why do you
want to work at this company
and the answer is of course it's
relevant and it's relevant because they
think it's relevant you may not think so
but they do now why do they think of it
as being relevant pretty easy
because it's used as a tie breaker
between candidates
see skills competence is one thing as
i've said so many times before
competence self-confidence character
chemistry maybe a little bit of charisma
all of which adds up to
we trust her we trust him uh and we
think they can do a good job now when
they ask this question why do you want
to work for us
think of it as a a comparison between
people so if they've got three people
that they're close on
and they feel that they can get one of
them in particular because they're
really excited about the possibility of
working for their firm and two are
ordinary or even ambivalent about it who
do you think they're going to make the
offer to the one that they think they
can get
and again that assumes that skills are
comparable and they usually are when
they get to this phase so when they're
looking at time breakers
one of them is can i get this person and
if you answer a question like this
as i used to do with
one of my clients when i used to do
the new york times would ask the
question why do you want to work for us
and the correct answer that i trained
people the answer was
why would a world war for the times who
wouldn't want to work for the times the
times is the number one firm in news and
we go through four or five things where
they speak with a lot of energy and
when it was close my people always got
again think of it as a way that firms
can discern between candidates and come
to a decision about different people
next question because i deal with job
search hiring more effectively
management leadership workplace related
issues and this one is a fun one
what are some of your habits that make
you instantly stand out at work
now i'm going to not take this as being
a question about me
i'm going to make the biggest suggestion
i can make for you
and it's the habit about caring
caring about doing the job caring about
doing quality work caring about
connecting with my co-workers
you know demonstrating that it matters
to me
to do good work
so that's the biggest habit
i try to encourage the people like coach
to develop because what starts to happen
in most workplaces
people get the care beaten out of them
and they become
they do good enough work
it's fine
and you know how the word fine gets
played out in so many firms you know how
you doing fine
no one really cares anymore
they do it good enough
so the biggest happening habit you can
is caring again
because whether it was in school or in
other places in your life
you get to the workplace
and you start off with a lot of energy
and then
you start to run into some rough spots
and the care disappears
so focus on caring about doing great
being world class
putting in magnificent effort and
getting great results
while doing it in a way that inspires
confidence from other people
so again that's a habit that i think is
for most people to re-cultivate so that
they stand out at work
again a reminder if you have a question
for me put it into chat i'd be happy to
answer it for you
what should i answer if hr asks me
you already have an offer you're still
looking for a change
now what they're trying to do is to
figure out if they still have a chance
to get you and what's wrong with this
other situation that they would be
competing with
so what they want to hear is it's a good
the money is okay
but your job
your job is
so much better than this one i would
take this job and i think i'll do very
well there
companies good people are great they've
been very nice to me
but there's a nagging doubt that i have
about it and i think your organization
i could do even better at so they want
to be romanced they want to
get the idea that they still have a
chance of getting you that you're not
purely a mercenary
but it's about
you know you think you could do even
better in their organization than at the
firm you have an offer for that
affirmative offer for was fine notice
that word again fine
this one their firm
there's a special nature to it so don't
hesitate to put that out there
again interviewing has theater to it
it's a performance art you have to act
your lines
do it in a way that demonstrates
interest and excitement not a flat
monologue i'm looking for something a
little bit better than this one
and maybe your firm could do it for me
i'm not sure
i'm still interviewing so
if you decide i'm the right person for
you you know that sounds flat doesn't it
so do it in a way that gets them excited
that they can get you
here's a fun scenario
my shift leader stole from our manager
when we were working together
is there a way to deal with this or
should i just stay quiet
my first reaction is
you work in an organization that has a
degree of size so this is an assumption
from me because i'm hearing about a
shift and a manager so i get the idea
this could be a blue collar roll
i could be wrong but you know i get the
idea this could be a blue collar
and you don't want to come away as being
the snitch
you and at the same time you recognize
that theft is bad
stole from your manager
that's the wrong thing so how do you
deal with this gracefully
i would frankly put a call into hr
or figure out a way of meeting with hr
and simply say something happened here
that i want to bring to your attention
is i actually saw
my shift leader steal something from our
now if you didn't
do not do this because
what you're doing is spreading rumors
and gossip and that is inappropriate but
if you actually know because you've seen
that this happened
then you address it with hr
and tell them you want to keep your name
out of it
um and if they do anything that betrays
that trust
you know it's going to be damaging to
you institutionally
and i don't want to make threats here
but i i'll follow up with action
um because i just want my name out of
this i don't want our manager coming to
me and saying anything and certainly if
the shift leader does i know you'll
betray my trust
i've got a problem here i want to solve
i think what happened to our manager is
wrong um
but i also want my name kept out of it
and again this works with the assumption
that you actually saw the theft take
otherwise it's gossip hearsay not
how can i tackle a behavioral assessment
question in an interview
here's the question ready
are you what you think you are
wow is that a question designed to fry
someone's circuits right
so i look at this question and i go
are you what you think you are
i and my first reaction is to laugh
turn around and ask them i'm confused by
the question
could you rephrase it in a different way
that allows me to tackle it and give you
the answer that you really want
because this is one of those questions
that's stupidly languaged designed to
fry your circuits
so that you'll reveal something intimate
some intimate details of your life so no
i know who i think i am i'm a fraud
you know
and kind of
cry your way through it and not
literally cry but
give an answer that's too revealing
about yourself
and if you say yeah i'm who i think i am
who are you
who do you think you are
and that again puts you on the spot so
i'd first ask them
to rephrase the question in a different
and if they turn around and say i think
the question is pretty self-explanatory
i think there's more to me than what
meets the eye i think what meets the eye
is an employee who works hard
but there are dimensions to my
personality that often in an
organization are not valued and are
hidden away
until i leave at the end of the day and
i'm with friends and family
i hope yours is an organization where i
can bring more of myself out
and thus be able to serve even more
notice i'm giving some
bs kind of answer because they've given
you a bs answer
and when you deliver that line you have
to do it in a way
that sounds sincere
again remember interviewing is theater
if they're going to ask you a stupid
question like that one which i do think
is stupid it doesn't do anything more
than fry your circuits right
better to give them something that
sounds sincere and the way to sound
sincere often is to briefly break eye
and look down
slow your speech down a little bit
soften it and then deliver your lines
and follow what i did earlier
it'll really work for you so again it
starts off with
could you rephrase the question in a
slightly different way
i'm not getting the point of the
question so could you take approach it a
little bit differently and if they say
the question is self-explanatory
you can follow what i said and deliver
the lines like i delivered them to you
what planning workbook or guide would
you recommend to walk a college a
graduating us college student through
their first career job search
within this environment of online
applications video interviews or resumes
social media impressions and ai
go to my youtube channel at
and go to individual playlists
that will help you with applying for
jobs interviewing writing a great resume
and cover letter how to market yourself
on social media particularly linkedin
and applying for jobs through the
applicant tracking system again is my youtube channel
go there
there are playlists set up on many many
different categories not all of them
will be relevant for you
but there's a lot of great information
that will help you
at my website you can also order my
course called the ultimate job interview
it will teach you how to interview
better than your competition by far
again at my website which is the big
go to the site and order the ultimate
job interview framework it will make a
difference in your job search
how can a leader be accountable and
responsible for team members
well you are responsible for team
members and their performance
slash production
and thus by being accountable you're
accountable for delivering results
that are expected by the institution of
and the work that you do
the group is supposed to do so how can
you do this
well it starts off with
being aware
of what the outcomes are you're supposed
to deliver
and working with your team to ensure
that they deliver their piece of it if
you kind of let them slide you're not
managing them effectively because it's
not just simply about doing tasks it's
about doing tasks as part of of yielding
a particular result
so you are accountable you are
responsible as a manager or an
institutional leader you're responsible
and accountable for the performance of
the people that report to you if you let
them off the hook
you're responsible it's really that
simple so
how do you do it you meet with them
individually you cheer lead them you
talk to them privately when they're
falling behind you talk with them about
the impact of the deficit of their
and that they need to
step up their game
because it will have an
adverse impact upon
how they are seeing come review time
you want to help them win
what do you need from me that's going to
help you do this
and thus open up a dialogue of
conversation so i've covered a couple of
different things in there
and again don't let them slide
don't let them off the hook
what are some ways to negotiate a higher
now i don't know if this is for someone
within an organization who's trying to
get a raise
or for a job hunter
i'm going to deal with this as a job
so i've got a video called the easiest
way to negotiate a higher salary for
yourself it's about nine and a half
nine just under 10 minutes long
and it talks about a simple technique
for negotiating higher salary for
and it starts off with the premise of
when you get the offer
you become silent for a moment
you go
at which point they know there's a
and you say
can i get back to you
tomorrow the day after with the latest
and they know there's a problem at that
point you want to make them feel nervous
that they might lose you
so that when you circle back to them a
day or two days later
you can say that you can first ask
questions about anything other than
you know what bonus is like what the
cost of benefits is going to be
what are the benefits
things along those lines anything other
than salary
and then you get to the salary number
and you say you know
it should be obvious to you that i'm a
little disappointed
in what the salary is
could you do a touch better
well if we do a touch better or will you
say yes
well yeah i'd like to join
but i also want to be treated fairly
um and i think your offer is a little
low i've received you know offers from
other firms
i've spoken with other organizations
that have been processed with them for
positions that would pay more than this
money is a factor it's not the factor
could you do a touch better and that's
one way to put pressure on them again if
you go to
i've got videos there on salary
negotiation that will help you as well
you can also get to my website the big i have categories set up
that will help you too
what does it mean to have a strong work
now i'm going to give a u.s centric
answer here
because that's really what i know is a
u.s answer to this kind of scenario
so what does a strong work ethic mean
number one is you get great results you
put in effort
people value what you do
you care
care is always the missing ingredient
with a lot of people like they do tasks
but they don't project caring about what
they do
they don't project it matters to me that
we do great work that i do great work
so that's really what work ethic comes
down to
is your effort
in doing your job and getting great
two more questions i'm just going to
remind you i've gotten a couple of highs
from people but
if you have a question for me put them
into chat
and i'd be happy to address it
with you today
can you tell me about something
unexpected that happened during a job
interview did you get the job
i'll speak about this from a recruiter's
perspective because i did that for more
than 40 years
filled many many positions
uh helped even more
land the work with my advice
and now as a coach i help people find
work too
i'll start by saying
this is a distraction question i'm not
going to answer it
and if you had the answer to this
question what difference would it make
it's like living a korean life through
someone else's misfortune that they had
something unexpected happened during a
job interview
and did they get the job yes or no what
difference does it make
it is of no matter no consequence
move on it's a distraction for you that
isn't going to help you get a job anyway
last question unless something winds up
in chat
why won't anyone hire me and what can i
do to change it
again going back to my answer
where i commented about
what people look for when they hire
maybe you're deficient from a competency
and as such you need to improve on your
if you don't project confidence
firms are always reluctant to hire
some firms want to hire people who are
characters particularly in sales
which is a very much a personality job
some firms want to hire people with
character some people want to hire both
chemistry are you connecting with the
people that you're being interviewed by
so that they feel you
charismatic people always do better than
so how do you connect with people
care do you project like you care about
doing a good job or are you robotically
answering their questions
these this is what firms look for when
they're trying to figure out whether or
not they can trust you enough to hire
all of these are within your lab and
if you're asking this question you've
been on a number of interviews you can
see patterns to the questions that are
being asked and thus you can practice in
advance for how to answer these
questions better
practice will help you improve and
practice isn't just simply an answering
the questions but in the theater of
performance of the answering of the
when you go to a movie if you've been to
a play
those actors and actresses convince you
that they are the character that they're
representing right
you have to put on a performance for the
audience so they get you
again practice will help you improve if
you schedule time for interview prep
with me
it's a paid coaching session i can do
be very happy to help you again go to
the big
and schedule time for a coaching session
i've got a question from someone
um tom asks
uh i'm in i.t but the longer i'm out of
work the more i forget and quickly
i blew an interview where i used to
answer questions
very easily but now i'm struggling
once i'm in a position i can quickly get
up to speed
but no one's proposing marriage to you
and by the way i have another question
there for this one
so the idea is practice
and i would suggest that if you're on
you you pay for the
first level of service that's paid so
you have access to linkedin learning
take the time to review
some of the skills that you need to have
to be an effective
i.t professional and again you've been
out of work for a while and what you're
acknowledging is you're rusty
so things aren't coming to you as easily
as they once did
practice will help you improve
taking classes
putting in the diligence and effort to
be able to perform well
when asked questions related to this
subject will help you a lot also if this
is about rustiness
in interviewing not a skilled substance
thing i'll mention my course which is
very inexpensive
like i listed it like 25 and usually
udemy discounts it if you go to the big
game hunter dot u s
forward slash interviews
it's called the ultimate job interview
framework it's also available as a
or as a kindle book on amazon
but the video course is particularly
good it will teach you how to interview
well but i i don't get the idea that's
your issue i get the ideas you've gotten
rusty from a skills perspective
take courses there are plenty of them
free by now you know some of the
and i'll simply say
you can get better practice will help
you improve
jeff how do you sell i have educ i have
education i have some work experience
how do i negotiate in terms of sale for
the highest value
the idea
um is if i'm understanding the question
correctly and i'm not sure what i am
um so
if i start going down the wrong
rabbit hole
please correct me okay
you have some training you have some
how do you negotiate in terms of sale
for the highest value and the answer is
to understand what your value is some
people overvalue what the market will
pay for them
and thus if you over value yourself
you wind up in a situation where you
price yourself out of the market
it's a less experienced person who's
asking this question
that's fine
the the goal is to make them fall in
no love
they're not going to make you an offer
it's not going to be the result that you
fixate on how you can help them
solve their problem
now my video course and books are going
to teach you a great way of preparing
for that
because i start with the premise that
most job descriptions are 80 percent
accurate so often people are aiming at
the wrong target
they think they're aiming at the right
one but they aren't
so i want you to hear about the job at
the beginning of the interview so you
can talk about what you've done that
matters to them and not just simply talk
about what you've done
and then from there when you're
answering tell me about yourself you're
connecting the dots for them pretty
so that they can see how your background
can help them
now if you're not qualified none of this
but assuming that you are qualified that
you have training and you have some
experience and you present as though you
really care
firms will be the path to your door
once you get the interview they will
want to hire you you'll be competing
with other people so the idea is how you
connect with the interviewers
who are involved with the process
but fundamentally
it's about the performance you put on
when you're asked on a date
interviewing is very much like a blind
date each of you has something that they
believe that the other one wants then
from there it's convincing one another
that's true and then of course there's
the feeling that everyone gets
during the dating process as to whether
this goes any further
maybe that's a bad metaphor i've always
found it works
so i'll simply say think of this as
and it's not just well
reciting facts for them
they want
there's a lot of qualified people and if
you junior
i'll simply say that
you're competing with other junior
people who may be equally qualified
why should they choose you
ultimately it's the feeling that they
give you that you give them that causes
them to trust you and get the results
that they need
that you can deliver
so i know that's a little long-winded
but fundamentally that's what they're
looking for
and you're welcome
folks i'll be back next tuesday normally
i do tuesday at 9 15
friday at 9 00 am
i'm jeff altman the big game hunter
if you're in the u.s have a happy
enjoy the holiday
i hope you found today's show helpful if
you're watching on youtube give it a
thumbs up if you're on linkedin or
anywhere share it it does help other
people discover me and discover the
value that i bring
my channel on youtube is
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obs job search advice radio
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there's a lot of material that i've
connect with me on linkedin at forward slash i n forward
slash the big game hunter
mention that you've watched some of my
stuff or listen to me i like knowing i'm
helping some folks
i hope you have a terrific day
lastly be great take care


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