Career Coach Office Hours: February 4 2022 |

Career Coach Office Hours February 4 2022

Career Coach Office Hours: February 4 2022

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[00:00] Intro [02:08] Coffee Toast

[03:27] Comments about the US Jobs Report

[04:46] Do you find people who reach a crossroads doing the right thing or becoming yes-men in order to survive corporate politics?

[07:46] Why can’t I find a job or even get an interview?

[09:38] What’s the most challenging issue or problem you faced as a people leader and how did you handle it?

[12:27] I just got my PMP (not required for my role per se). Can I use this certification as leverage in any upcoming reviews? I will have my first performance review in Q4 2022.

[14:22] How do you know if you were put on the ‘no rehire’ list of your past company?

[15:31] How public should my LinkedIn profile be?

[18:19] I was ghosted by a well-known company after 6 interviews. Should I write to the head of design?

[20:08] Do cover letters make your application get more recognition?

[23:10] What should I highlight in my job application?

[24:07] Why do companies deny applicants with excellent references, experience, and a positive attitude in favor of the less qualified applicants?

[26:04] How hard is it to decline a job that has significantly higher pay if you feel it isn’t the correct match?

[28:10] Outro and how to reach me


You may find my answer to “Tell Me About a Time You Made a Productive Change at a Company” helpful.

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hi it's jeff alpin the big game hunter
and welcome to
career coach office hours for february
i spend time twice weekly tuesday at 9
15 and fridays at 9 15 eastern talking
with you about different elements of job
search hiring more effectively
management leadership different
workplace issues and how to handle them
and i'll simply say if you have a
question about any of those areas
please put your question into chat
so i can answer it today now i also want
to say
normally i'm pretty flexible about my
end time
but not today because i'm presenting to
a group
online today
at 10 a.m i need a couple of minutes to
get ready for that so i'm going to hold
it to a tight 30 minutes
where i have to be off in 30. so
i hope you enjoyed today's show
and as i always do
well let me back up for a second and say
in addition
there's a lot more available at my
website which is the big game hunter dot
u s you can schedule time for a free
discovery call a coaching session
visit my blog which has more than 12 000
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subscribe to job search sorry the
j wraps i have to
figure out how to do that a little bit
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wherever you listen to it to podcast
it's available for you
as i do when i start the show
these days i'm doing a coffee toast
a toast to those of you who manage and
i don't want to say
kind because that gets misunderstood but
you care about the people who report to
you and want the best for them
you know you eliminate
friction in their way from getting the
job done that you want them to get done
you know about them you know things
about their personal lives
maybe their parents name or their wife
husband partner kids
because it matters to you to know
you act in an empathetic way when
they're having struggles you're not
barking at them but you care about them
because they matter
and their success
will lead to your success and you
understand that let me take the hat off
because getting some
shadow on my glasses so
i'll just simply say
a toast to those of you who manage and
lead and who care about the people on
your staff that they advance they
succeed and they get ahead
now before i go to questions i'll just
simply say the us jobs report came out
at 8 30 a.m eastern tonight
and it was better than expected
an expectation of 150 000 jobs
but it was 460
000 jobs
one thing is very clear
it's all guest work for the people who
prognosticate this stuff
and that was when
job losses were higher and now our job
are less and job creation is better so
it's all they're making it up and it's
all a figment of their imagination
they also point out the unemployment
rate went up from 3.9 percent uh in
december to 4
in january
i haven't had a chance to go through
this but i thought it would acknowledge
a strong market there
and i'll also say that one of the fun
things about all of this is that
job hunting is kind of like an eighth
grade dance
the boys on one side the girls on the
other and if you're gay there's no shot
for you once whatsoever
so you wind up in situations where
there's a disconnect sometimes between
what the labor market's looking for and
what you have so don't get disappointed
by this jobs report if you're struggling
you just need some help in navigating
the system and that's really what i do
so someone put a message into chat do
you find people who reach a crossroads
of doing the right thing or becoming yes
men in order to survive corporate
oh yeah
what happens is
people are
conditioned into systems so that's my
first question for today
do i find people who reach a crossroads
of doing the right thing or becoming yes
men or yes women in order to survive
politics so the answer of course is yes
and it happens a lot sooner than
a long period of time it starts pretty
quickly because after all from the time
we were little we were conditioned to be
obedient boys and girls you know it's in
school it's shut up do what we tell you
to do regurgitate a bunch of things when
we tell you to do it
or else
so by the time we get into the workforce
we're pretty well trained to become yes
men and yes women
every once in a while you get a maverick
like you know the classic maverick is
steve jobs of course
who was a fruitarian with body odor when
he worked at hp
i'll simply say yes it can happen
we are trained to be obedient or else we
get written up you know there's
we don't get the raises we want
there's uh promotional opportunities get
close to us
signals are sent that we're being bad
and we know it
we know that they don't like it so yes
it's not just amongst um
it's not just in school it happens in
the workforce very very regularly
at all levels and it takes someone with
some courage to break through that and
to figure out ways to communicate
in ways that are understandable to the
to their leader so they don't feel
threatened they feel supported and the
ideas get through
so for if one of you is stuck in this
kind of a situation
where you feel
defeated because that's really what
starts to happen you lose your voice and
you become an obedient servant again
if you're starting to feel that way
it's time for you to change
and find out ways to talk to people
in a way that they'll understand what
you're trying to communicate
and that you can start changing people's
minds so i hope you found that helpful
sorry the person didn't identify
themselves by name but as linkedin user
that's okay
so let's go to the
the first question that was emailed to
me and if you have a question for me you
can email it to me in advance of the
show at the big game hunter at
and in the subject line put the phrase
office hours this way i can kind of
organize myself in anticipation of the
and have some questions lined up to
why can't i find a job or even get an
i think i'm back to the eighth grade
you know just because firms are hiring
don't doesn't mean
that they're hiring what you're selling
so that becomes problem number one but i
have the right background everything i
read says they should want to hire me
but you're not communicating it in your
in your networking and you're
interviewing in a way that they
understand that so you're not getting
interviews so i start off with the
premise when i dissect a job search and
i'm trying to understand whether or not
what the where the problem is
i say if you're not getting interviews
there's a problem with your resume
your resume and linkedin profile are
you're applying for things that you're
not qualified to do which happens all
the time
or you are qualified but your resume
doesn't express it in a way
that the system understands
i don't know which one of those may be
the case for you but that's the common
way i break down the front end of the
so given the fact that you're not
getting interviews the likelihood is
it's one of those four reasons why
you're not even getting an interview
what's the most challenging issue or
problem you faced i think this is a
generic question as a people leader and
how do you handle it
now usually this is a question that a
manager asks
and a manager talks about being a leader
but it's more aspirational than anything
they're not leading their manager
so that's my observation of having from
having worked with people for years
so the biggest challenge
is around engagement
and to me the issue around engagement is
one of two things a bad hiring process
where disengaged people get through the
they may have the right skills but they
don't care
they've been defeated and lost their
when you hire you want to have mojo
you want to hire people who've got juice
you've got their mojo who care about
what they do
they arrived with it and the system has
grounded out of it and you don't know
how to remove friction in the way of
one of your jobs as a manager is to
eliminate the institutional roadblocks
that prevent people from accomplishing
what they're hired to do
and if you're not doing that you are
going to lose them emotionally yeah
they'll do the job but without their
heart and soul and passion in it
like if you watch cooking shows at all
on tv
one of the things that
invariably comes across
chef the cook the wine cook whoever it
they've lost their heart
and it's not showing up on the plate
they're doing stuff robotically and they
don't care you have to find people who
no care
they do adequate work
but you're not getting their best
like a chef you want to be able to give
them great ingredients to work with a
beautiful kitchen great equipment a lot
lots of good stuff you'll get more out
of them so that's the problem i see
happen time and time again
institutional friction
gets in the way
great people doing great work
and thus they lose their
the thrill is gone that's probably the
best way i can put it
and you lose their heart you lose their
spirit you lose their soul
i just got my pmp which isn't required
for my role per se
can i use this certification
as leverage in up any upcoming reviews i
have my first performance rule review in
now as i'm recording this we were in the
middle of q1
so we're talking about toward the end of
the year
you can bring it up but by that time
they're going to kind of take it for
so just understand
so what
it's going to be at least
a half a year if not more
before you're going to sit down and say
i got my pmp
that makes me more valuable to you
and by that time they're not going to
so you can try
but have no expectations
that it's going to have an impact on
and before i go to the next question let
me just simply say
if you've got a question about your job
hiring better management leadership or
want some advice about a particular
workplace issue put it into chat and
i'll try and get it answered before i
break away at the 30 minute mark today
speaking engagement i'm doing
for a group matter of fact if you want
to attend psg of monmouth county
is doing something at 10 a.m today um
you might go to their linkedin page and
get in touch with them to see if they'll
let you in for 10 o'clock eastern today
so again p like paul s like sam
g li george of monmouth county is
hosting me today presenting about salary
negotiation mistakes and folks you guys
make lots of them
let's continue on
how do you know if you were put on the
no rehire list of your past company
to me the way you find out if you have a
concern about that
is you have someone represent an
employer who calls up your firm and says
we're about to make an offer to so and
what do you think
and one of the questions and you check a
reference or have them check a reference
and say
is are they eligible to be rehired
and if they sell
why is that
it's really that simple have someone
i put that in air quotes an organization
and have them check up check a reference
about you
ask three or four good questions or have
them ask three or four good questions
and then see if you're eligible for
rehire that's the simplest way to do it
i know it may seem convoluted
but it really isn't difficult
next question how public should my
linkedin profile be
personally i think
very public
after all
you want to be discovered you want
people to know about you and the work
that you do what your successes are
how you've impacted
your organization the bottom line how
you've accomplished great things
because after all the person who gets
ahead isn't always the smartest they
don't always work the hardest those are
great qualities to have
people get ahead by being alert to
sometimes they're internal to an
most of the time they're external
what linkedin sells is access to their
of linkedin profiles
they make a lot of money that way
it's not about charging you
for a premium account
about selling
multiple seats to firms that hire
or want to sell to you
at 7 10 15 20 000
per seat
so that
they have access to the entire database
and can message you
so you want to have a profile that's
keyword rich
in the the things that you want to be
discovered for
if someone was trying to hire someone
like you
what would exist in your profile that
would make you attractive
you're not sure about that look at job
see the ones that you're qualified to do
look at the terminology that's used
incorporate that into your profile so
this way when someone's searching on the
other side
sorry i got muted there for some reason
so remember on the other side of this
linkedin wants to to
sell the ability to find potential
and thus they are selling a service of
access to the database which can be
parsed in lots of different ways like
sell products services and what have you
but one of the things they sell is a
product called linkedin recruiter that
allows people to search the database and
contact people
by all means be public be found
this way
opportunities will arrive in your lab
i was ghosted by a well-known company
here for six interviews should i write
to the head of design
i don't think so but that's your choice
what's going to happen you're going to
to tell on these people that they were
bad that they ghosted you
is that what you're trying to accomplish
and she or he should make them do
something different
like do you really think they're going
to get active and now hire you given the
fact that
contacted their boss manager whomever
you might contact hr
and simply say you know after six
i haven't heard anything back now i
understand i was probably rejected
but i don't think that was the right way
to to do it
you know i think
it would serve the organization better
in lieu of ghosting job applicants to
politely say we chose someone else we're
continuing to interview and we're not
ready to make a decision whatever it is
just going dark
doesn't represent your firm the best way
and let it go
and move on to the next thing
you'll get a profuse apology by someone
with limited power and authority who may
message these folks and say stop
ghosting people just let them know that
they're not under consideration anymore
and move on okay so i'm just going to
simply say 10 more minutes i'm going to
be on
because i have some last minute
prep relaxation and what have you before
my speaking engagement at 10.
so let's continue on
um do you cover letters make your
give your application
let me reread this do you cover letters
make your application get more
the answer is it's a sales opportunity
it's a sales opportunity that allows you
to put relevant information in front of
people that will help you get the
number one is if you're emailing it to
someone don't make an attachment that
says cover letter dot doc
and the other file says resume.doc
put it into the body of the email
if you're up uploading it through an
applicant tracking system instead what
you do is make it page one of the resume
as page one of your resume what you're
going to do is flush left sorry flush
but the requirement and skill sought
in the job ad flush right
there we go flush right
you wind up having
listed how long and how recently you've
done it
that what that does is if you're
applying for a job it stuffs keywords
onto page one of your of your resume so
that the applicant tracking system
recognizes that you have relevant
experience for the role
and thus the way to do this it makes it
very clear now does it fast track you
well it can fast-track you for rejection
you can get more recognition but the
idea is the cover letter is a chance to
or point out the relevant skills and
qualifications you have
for a position that you're applying for
and thus make it easy for busy people to
know that your background fits the role
so don't make it a big involved
production number multiple pages
it's page one
that's it
let me just check one thing for a second
and see if there's anything else in chat
nope nothing yet i'm just gonna remind
everyone i'm gonna be ending this
uh at a quarter to the hour so if you've
got a question for me please put it in
the chat i'd be very happy to answer it
so one more time
please put your questions about job
search hiring better management
about a particular workplace issue in
the chat
this way what i'm able to do is to
answer it today but i've got to end
because of a speaking engagement and a
quarter to the hour okay so get it in
next question let's go to the next
what should i highlight in my job
relevant experience that demonstrates
your fit for the role
now if you're talking about a physical
highlight like
underlining italics
italics anything along those lines don't
sometimes they interfere with parsing
resumes into applicant tracking systems
but too much of that becomes obnoxious
to readers
i always think in terms of
on your application
make it obvious how you're qualified to
do a job
so that this way
a six-year-old could see it
and that will help you get more
why do companies deny applicants with
excellent references experience and a
positive attitude in favor of the less
qualified applicants
so let me start off with the premise of
who said
they're less qualified than you
how do you know that
yeah is it something
i'm just let me just stick with how do
you know they're less qualified i know
you think you're wonderfully qualified
and that's great
but how do you know they're less
let's assume for a second this is point
number two let's assume that they are
less experienced than you
you may be too expensive for them
and thus they look at your background
let's say you've got 15 years and they
want to hire a five-year person
you're not making the money of a
five-year person you're making
significantly more you become a waste of
their time
so think of it from their standpoint
if you're more qualified you're more
expensive they've got a budget that they
have to deal with
and thus
they're not going to waste their time to
talk to someone with too much experience
thinking you might be bored
that you
are probably too expensive and they
can't afford you
so those are the two primary reasons
number one is you're wrong
you're self-assessment vis-a-vis your
and number two
is let's say you are right
you're too expensive for them and they
know it maybe you're coming from an
where they have a sense of the salary
ranges for particular titles and thus
they know you're too expensive for them
those are the primary reasons
we've got a few more questions for today
and the next one is
how hard is it to
decline a job that has a significantly
higher pay
if you don't feel it's the correct match
my heart goes out to you because
you probably have a lot of voices from a
lot of people
telling you that you're crazy to turn
down this
all this money for
what a wonderful opportunity is yeah
you'll get used to it you know it's no
problem you know just get used to it the
money will buy a lot of satisfaction
it does for a week or two
and then you get into the grind of the
new role
and it becomes difficult to feel like
when you're going to work in a job you
don't like
it is hard i don't know how to answer
how hard it is hard
to say no to something that in your
heart you don't know that you know is
wrong for you
and that's the key part of this it may
be right for someone else but it's wrong
for you
as a result it's hard to turn it down
because the temptation's there
look at my hand isn't the money
the money will buy you a lot of
you can buy a new house come on a
vacation the kids will get new sneakers
you'll be able to pay for whatever it is
we live in a culture where money's
incredibly important and i'm not saying
it shouldn't be important
and it is in this particular case it's
not important enough for you
to transition to something else to a job
that you don't want to do
it's hard let's get real about it it's
good luck with the choice that you make
so i'm going to bring this show to a
close because i have to be on shortly
with someone else i'm jeff alton the big
game hunter i hope you enjoyed career
coach office hours
for today i'll be back on tuesday at 9
15 a.m eastern with more
i'm going to remind you visit my website
the big game hundred dot us to schedule
time for a free discovery call a
coaching session
my to visit my blog which is
more than 12 000 searchable posts find
out about my courses books and guides
also subscribe to on youtube and no bs job
search advice radio and apple podcasts
spotify amazon music or wherever you
listen to podcasts so i've got a lot
available to help you at through my
connect with me on linkedin at forward slash i n forward
slash the big game hire
mention that you saw this today your
network will grow a lot once we're
and finally
finally i hope you have a sensational
day and most importantly
be great see you tuesday


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