Today I review a new chrome extension for finding email addresses from LinkedIn that is currently the best I am seeing.

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This is a video for job hunters and for you in business and, dare I say, for recruiters and sorcerers about a great product that follows and a wonderful tradition of chrome extensions that are free that provide terrific information about LinkedIn profiles, that minimize, if not eliminate the need for taking out a LinkedIn premium account.

The product is called candidate.AI. It is available through the website and Right now, they say they are at capacity, but should be reopening very soon. It follows in a long tradition of chrome extensions that follows from, in days of old, Connectifier that advance to Prophet, and now I can say with certainty that this is the one I am most happy with.

It doesn't do anything radically different than the others do in that it provides you with email addresses (it doesn't instantly display them. You have to click a button). Big deal. It is an obvious button that says, "Find Email." It provides name, location, the social media sites the person resides on . . It does something that Entelo does which is suggest the likelihood that they will be open to changing jobs . (It hasn't AI formula that guesstimates the likelihood that they are open to changing jobs), provides the academic background the person has, gives you space to add some notes about them (I don't know if that is shared information. Let's assume that it is), there was a way to communicate with them to let them know of the inaccuracies (so far I haven't found inaccuracies which I think is where the cool things about them).

Their data is good. I always start with my own profile and the info about me is good except it does include an old email address to a message that about and have them remove. For you, search professionals, is a cool thing: it works with LinkedIn Recruiter which a lot of the other chrome extensions don't. Thus, you can save a bunch of your inMail or forget about Recruiter altogether, go over to the main site and collect emails from there; by the way, you can download information into Google sheets as a way where you can store data in your own account, rather than on LinkedIn.

Whether Microsoft is going to allow this to occur 2 years from now, who knows! For right now, this is the best tool that I am seeing on the market for getting information about job hunters .

A suggestion for you folks. Get phone numbers or access to phone numbers. That will be spectacular and doesn't the appear to be available currently.

If you are a job hunter and trying to save money on the cost of finding hiring managers and their email addresses, this is ideal for you. If you are in recruiter, the same thing is true. You get email addresses of hiring managers and organizations you want to tap into so you can message them directly outside the LinkedIn platform. They may not check LinkedIn for messages with any regularity.

Nice product. Accurate data. I like it a lot. Double thumbs up!


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