There is a specific question I answer, as well as a more general answer about whether you can renegotiate salary I address.

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Can you renegotiate . . . let me try that again.
can you read negotiate salary after verbally accepting an offer
I'm Jeff Altman, The big Game Hunter, a coach you help people professionally in
a number of different ways now there's a couple of different dimensions to this
so there's a specific case that I'm going to respond to but I'm also gonna
deal with the broader issue of renegotiating. The specific instance is
this person has been working at their current job for about a month part-time
about 20 hours a week and the place has been getting busy so they are working
closer to 30 hours a week and the firm is decided to offer them a full-time
position because of that and " because he's a fast learner and getting
along well with coworkers obviously a fairly junior person they offered this
person this salary that'll give them a 24% pay decrease versus the hourly rate
the person accepted the offer over the phone but is going to have buyer's
remorse and they haven't received the offer letter yet
so they want to know is it too late to renegotiate and what's the way to bring
up renegotiation yeah I'm gonna deal with it at that level I'm not gonna deal
with it if it's too late to renegotiate because it's never too late to
renegotiate you see the rule is the employers want to have is that they can
do anything that they want but you can't they can fire you at the drop of a hat
but you can't renegotiate salary. You can have this conversation with them you
know before switching to full time and saying you know I thought about it I'm a
little confused here I want to keep working I just want to be clear I want
to keep working here but the way I'm looking at I'm taking a pay cut to come
on full-time I think you shut up and listen to them and then start thinking
of your response because you have to be able to have this as a conversation it's
not like they're suddenly going to go, "oh! You're right!
Let's increase the money!" They're gonna want to talk with you and if they say,
"well, you said, "yes." "Yeah, but I've been having second
thoughts about it because I'm realizing on an hourly basis I'm taking almost a twenty
five percent pay cut now they may talk in terms of benefits that they were
provided in vacation time and things along those laws so you have to work
that into the equation. But the initial question is can you renegotiate and
the answer is yes, from the broader perspective, you can always
renegotiate. If you get another offer for example and it's for more money but
you'll really prefer the company that's offered less, you can renegotiate that
offer if you're on board and someone calls you up and says hey that phone you
interviewed with two weeks ago they've even made you an offer it's for whatever
it is more than you're making now you can renegotiate your current situation
now you have to be prepared for them to say no so just recognize under all
circumstances no is an option for them but can you renegotiate and can there be
a consequence to your attempting a renegotiation? Yes. And in terms of our
original questioner, it's unlikely they're going to let you go
because they need additional hours from you but they can certainly make that
decision. I don't know what kind of firm you're working for or what kind of boss
you have but is it possible yes is it probable no they need someone there who
can do the job.
Hope you find this helpful I'm Jeff
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8 Responses
  1. Karen

    Renegotiation is possible. But shall I wait to see the agreement based on the first offer (I proposed) then renegotiate?

    1. Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

      If I understand correctly,you made a counter proposal to their offer. Yes, wait for a response. If they don’t respond in 24 hours, call and if necessary leave a vm. I have not heard back from you about my request. When do you expect I will hear that it has been ok’d?

  2. Amela Kolenovic

    I verbally accepted a # with a recruiter because I was nervous. This is a huge company and amazing opportunity and I didn’t want to blow it., is it too late to negotiate now that I have a offer letter in writing?

    1. Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

      No! This is the last chance you will gave to do it. And tell them you will accept if they increase the offer


    I have accepted my offer letter digitally. Now I am having second offer and don’t want to miss my first offer but I would like to match my package to second offer package . I have 1 month time to join and is this correct to negotiate with first company after accepting offer . If yes , can you tell the sentence I can frame to discuss with HR ?

    1. Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

      Congratulations on having a good problem! If I’m understanding the situation correctly, you received and accepted an offer from one company and now a second company extended an offer for more money. Go to the first company and say, “I stopped looking but a firm I interviewed with extended an offer for more money than yours. I prefer your job and would appreciate if you reconsidered and increase the offer to me to match the one I received from the other firm.” They may say no and I will leave you with the decision to make. Be prepared before the conversation with what you will do, rather than after a negative decision is communicated to you and emotions take hold. Good luck!

  4. GanArt

    I have accepted one offer through e mail ,but I want to renegotiate my salary .Would it be possible??How can I communicat ???

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