Can you renegotiate an offer after accepting

This is an answer that hiring managers, HR people and third-party recruiters don’t want to hear.

Can You Renegotiate An Offer After You Accept It? |

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This is one of those taboo videos, one that employers and third party recruiters don't want you to hear. Can you renegotiate an offer after you accept? I'm Jeff Altman, The big Game Hunter. I'm a former recruiter, a career and leadership coach. Now I did search for more than 40 years. I'm an old guy. And I'll just simply say, no one wants you to know that you can renegotiate an offer.

Now, I want to be clear, you probably shouldn't do it unless you have another offer because a company has the ability to rescind the offer. But you know, the first question is always, can you negotiate, even if you've accepted . . . accepted the offer verbally? And the answer is, of course, you can. You said yes. There's nothing in writing. And you haven't started work? Sure.

"I got another offer. It's for more money. I prefer your opportunity. But, you know, I feel badly about the fact that this other firm's offered me $10,000 more than you. So I prefer taking yours but I'm not independently wealthy. That's an easy way to do. The second part of this is can you negotiate the salary."

Even after you accept the offer in writing? And the answer is, of course, you can, You haven't started working there. It's not like a contract that they can't get out of if suddenly there's a COVID virus that's going around, and they don't need you anymore. They can back out of itan you.

And thus, if you have another offer, it's it's best to go to them and say, "hey, look, I received another offer. I know it's three days before I'm supposed to start or two days before I'm supposed to start. And, by the way, the closer you get to the start date, the more pressure they feel to cave in to, to the demand. Now, if you're going to ask for $50,000 more, they're gonna say "thanks, no thanks," and go away. But if it's a modest increase, 5, 10 $15,000, you have a shot at getting it.

But you're always best off if you're in a situation where you have another offer, and you're not gonna be worried about if it's rescinded, whether they're gonna walk away, and leave you with nothing. That's bad negotiating circumstances for you because the pressure comes out, they're gonna know you're bluffing. And thus, they have more experience at this than you. And that's when they smell bluff, they're going to say, No, you're going to go, "Okay, I'll start at the old salary."

So again, the closer you get to the start date, the more likely it is you'll get something. And no one wants you to hear that. But that's the fact of it. The closer you get, and even . . . and sometimes if you're working through an agency recruiter they may give it you out of their own commission, because they'll get something from the deall, even if they've got to give you a few dollars. They're not going to give you their entire fee, but they may be wanting to give you an "employee referral bonus," or a basically a part of their commission. That's the long and the short of it.

So I'll simply say, yes, you can. And it works many times. You are best if you have another offer, because you're not going to be all that smooth at this because you don't have a lot of experience and your nervousness is going to show and people will smell that and call your bluff. That doesn't work for you.

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In addition, connect with me on Linkedin at Mention you just saw the video because I like going I'm helping some folks. And lastly, hope you have a great day and be great!


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