I’m always surprised when this surfaces as a question from someone. Let me answer this once and for all and put it to rest.

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I'm Jeff up in the big game hunter. I'm a coach who helps people with job search hiring more effectively managing and leading
workplace related stuff
Question for today is can you lie about your degree on a resume?
Now you can do anything you want
now, I think you really want to know whether you can get away with it and
I'll speak about the United States; I suspect it's true elsewhere.
Checking about a college degree
Checking about any degree is one of the easiest things that employers are
able to do and colleges and other schools are very willing to cooperate
Why? Because, if you're a thief, if you're someone who is
representing themselves as having a degree and you do something wrong.
it affects them.
Seriously, it affects them in their image. So they are more than willing to cooperate
with businesses to verify degrees other employers are very willing to cooperate about verifying
employment dates and
wages and things along those lines. And where they're not willing to cooperate around wages,
they give a sense of a salary range that a person might have marked with it. I
remember, years ago, a person who I had brought to a bank
In New York started work there and during his interviews. I
warned him they are going to do a meticulous background check about you.
This is a technology guy. By the end of his first week, he was greeted by security and
handed a box with his personal possessions and escorted out of the building.
It can happen that fast. Is that something you want to do? Is that something you want to risk? I'm jeff hoffman
Hope you found this helpful. My website is TheBigGameHunter.us. Go there and go exploring. There's a ton little
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