Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter discusses the importance of charisma when you interview and explains how you can increase yours.

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I want to talk with you today about building charisma.  If you know some of my work, you know that I believe that there are certain number of qualities that firms look for when they hire. Competence is one.  Self-confidence, character, chemistry, CHARISMA… All of which add up for me as personal leadership. How do you add to your charisma? Why is charisma important? Often, it is a huge differentiator between one candidate and another, and it draws people in, emotionally when you interview.

Today, I want to help you work on your charisma By building some of the techniques that will allow you to be more charismatic in interviews.

The 1st thing is preparation.  An unprepared person who is "winging it," has a degree of uncertainty about them.  You cannot be uncertain when you interview.  You have to display complete mastery of the subject on an interview.  So, you have to take the time to prepare.  After all, athletes do it.  The greats do it.  Do you think A public speaker hasn't walked out and rehearsed that speech before they have given it? Why do you believe that you can just "wing it" and do well on every interview that you do? Even if you are not hired, you want to create positive impressions because you never know when you will run into these folks again.

Preparation is a huge part of presenting yourself in a charismatic way.  Another thing is asking great questions.  If you just arrived with little more than superficial questions, you are not going to draw them into you.  One of my beliefs, and I've said this in another video I've done, is that the more they talk, the more they like you. You want to get them talking as much as possible Because of their belief becomes that you are interested.  While they are talking, you want to appear completely engaged in what you are listening to.

You'll find this next one comes hand-in-hand with energy.  Energetic people present themselves in charismatic ways and people who use their hands when they talk also appear charismatic.  In using your hands to speak, I want to be clear that you never block your face.  You go to about middle-of-the-chin level when you use your hands because anything that you do to block your face becomes distracting. But keeping it to about middle of the chin level, no higher, emphasizes points and, thus, demonstrate greater strength and passion for what you do.

That brings us to passion.  I know it's easier to be passionate about things that you love, whether it's hobbies or family that you have huge joy about.  However, you have to demonstrate about your career, too.  Being passionate as you talk about your work is incredibly important.

Finally, optimism.  People are not drawn to, people are not magnetic, if they send down and pessimistic.  If you talk to downers, don't you just want to get away from them?  Downers – – people who are completely negative, point fingers at others, complain, piss and moan (Excuse my language, folks)… You want to be someone who draws people into you, who has a magnetic quality… That's what charisma is all about.  That backdated quality that makes you attractive to others.

Employing some of these techniques is a huge way of making people want to hire you because they want to be around you.  Being flat, being dull, speaking in a monotone for 30 minutes just makes people want to go to sleep.  Is that what you want to do?  Of course, not.  You want to be that charismatic individual that, even if they turn down, it's hard for them to turn you down because they really like you

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