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We are surrounded by brands yet so many people don’t understand why they should establish themselves as one using the lament, “I’m just a person. I’m not a brand.”

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I'm called The Big Game Hunter . . . well, it started off when I worked in search, when I used to hunt down leaders and staff for organizations, I eventually did it for more than 40 years, filled a lot of positions. Now, I do career and leadership coaching, working with people all over the United States. Now, branding. Branding is one of those terms that brings the eye roll. You know, like, "what do I need a personal brand? Now, what is this all about? Why do I need one? I'm just a people. I'm not a brand. I'm not Nabisco. I'm not Charmin or Procter and Gamble. I'm just me."
Now, here's the reality to it. Whether you like it or not, you have a brand. You're already being defined by how people think about you. And that's the reality to what branding is-- how people think about you, what is the way that you're seen or perceived?
Now, when you are one of those big brands, so you've got a product out there. They create mindshare for people, they create a situation where people associate them with something. So, I always tell this story about detergent. No one ever buys the better list of chemicals when they purchase detergent. They buy everything other than that-- the color of the box, whether their wife, husband or partner told them to buy that particular one,, a coupon, price . . . whatever it is, they're not picking up the box or container of detergent and going into the relationship with the chemicals and this one is far superior to other ones in this one. No, they're buying everything other than that, and that's the power of branding.
Branding is something that you do every day of your life. Not just simply when you're looking for work, because the impact of the brand is why people will come to you . . . or not. Favorably or neutrally disposed to you. If it's neutral, you're fighting to create mindshare for them.
Why should they choose you? Because you've got the right skills for the role, right? Why should they choose you? Oh, this guy spoke at this conference and he's seen/she's seen as someone who they put up on stage to present. This is what branding does. The difference between I'm on LinkedIn. I'm going recruiting and let's see who this person is. They seem to have the right skills for the job, but let me see what they're like, versus the association that someone has with a different caliber of person.
Brands exists in your career the same way they do on the supermarket shelves, in movie theaters and every place in your life. Denying it is part of the reason you're not being seen as more effective and more successful than you are. Step up being unafraid. be out there and let people know that you exist.
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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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