A Tim Ferriss podcast interview with Vince Vaughn a his share about becoming an actor becomes the basis for this conversation.

The video was recorded via Facebook Live and, unfortunately, is a little choppy and speeded up.

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I was listening to a podcast this morning from Tim Ferriss where he interview the actor Vince Vaughn. What do you like his movies are not, Vaughn's movies are successful. He spoke about the early days of his career, moving from Illinois to California in order to become a better actor. For those of you are aware that profession, I'm sure you relate to these comments you made-- going to auditions are not hearing anything, working at his craft and trying to get better. Getting further along on his auditions and try to get better until eventually got to screen test will you play off of someone who is already in the cast. In order for them to see if there was any chemistry. And that he would get turned down.

For those of you thinking about your career or your life, I think there's something he said next, I think is so important for all of us to hear. Is the idea of choosing at a particular moment to go back and review where he was… There was a with you gotten so far in his career. He was still being turned down, just further along in the process. If the role, if you rejected for a large part, you just go back to doing small parts waiting for another opportunity.

What he realized he had to do was become undeniable, that there could be no good reason to turn him down. He focused on his craft and focused on his profession to the point where no one could turn him down.

Whether it is that it as a job hunter or in your business whether it is in your profession, the idea becoming masterful in your craft to the point where you are undeniable is a message that I think is useful for all of us to hear.

Becoming undeniable is a job hunter is not just simply the ability to have a great work history. It's about clicking on your interviews and in your job search. As a business owner, it's about having a compelling business proposition business proposition and compelling sales proposition and that makes people want to choose you.

There are so many places where this notion of being undeniable is something that we all need to be reminded of.

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