Employers will try to con you if they think they can get away with it, particularly HR. Don’t be a victim.

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I'm Jeff up in the big game hunter the
head coach the job starts coaching
hq.com come join the site for two to $99
you get access to the site and our free
coaching from me translated you're
getting an hour of coaching from me and
the site is free this the coach it could
be done is two 30-minute sessions
however you want to do it you want to do
one hour that's fine but fundamentally
you get an hour of time with me for the
price of the website now here we're
going to talk about avoiding the con in
the salary negotiation and what I mean
by the con is all the employer deception
hocus-pocus that they have in these
seemingly sincere conversations with you
about how much you're looking for now
you've heard many many times before that
you need to do your homework
a batch of value now when you're gonna
do that research you're gonna see a
range for the salaries like if you go to
Glassdoor if you go to salary comm if
you go to any of the sites you're gonna
see a wide range of salary and often
that's not really helpful what you need
to do is find the salary range for your
location because those are often
national statistics and the price in a
small town in a Midwestern state is
going to be different than New York San
Francisco Los Angeles or wherever as a
result you need to get local that data
for what your value is especially if you
happen to be that small-town person
looking for a job the New York numbers
aren't relevant to you right so number
one is you need to get sometimes that's
going to come from a friend the
colleagues sometimes it's going to come
by attending a meeting in your local
town or a networking group of that and
talking to people who do comparable to
work to you as to what they're being
paid by the organization don't so
this part of the process short don't
avoid it it's important to do in order
to understand where your value probably
is and for well a two-year person
doesn't command the same price is an
eight-year person if you're talking to
and hate your person you might just ask
them about what the to use in their
office are learning makes it a lot
easier right and thus when you go into
the negotiation here's where the con
starts to really show up and why it's so
important to have this information every
time they were asking about compensation
they're negotiating then I'm just asking
for the heck of it they're asking to
negotiate that's the fact so if you're
in a state word still legal to ask about
your salary they want to know how much
you're hurting because many of these
organizations work with formulas based
upon existing salary so even if he did
known the first answer that you want to
give him that salary they gotta try and
flush it out of you and I just did a
video recently about deflecting this
part of the conversation watch that
video see if you can pull it off okay
and I'll just say that the whole thing
in a state where they can still legally
ask is understand the employer is going
to drive the price now that's their goal
they're going to talk about percentage
increases how you're not as strong as
some of their existing people all sorts
of crap and the not as strong as some of
your existing people story is you know
how would I know that I have to accept
what you say at face value and here we
are negotiating I understand this as
being in the ghost rated Court but you
have no sense of what my worth is and
I'll just simply say you're obviously at
a stage where you're considering an
offer that's great I am thrilled here
but I'm gonna tell you there's a pretty
strong market out there and a couple of
other firms approaching me about more
money than what you're now talking with
me about so let's get this clear money
is an important variable for me
just as it is for you when you go look
for a job and the idea of talking me
down at this point it's either premature
were early in the discussions with the
firm or you know I have other choices
and I'm going to use money is one of my
variables and they may turn around and
go you baby the job isn't the most
important thing to you well it is it
isn't the most important thing to my
bank when I have to make the mortgage
payment or my landlord when I have to
pay the rent on the apartment the kids
when they have to find their sneakers or
food just like it is for you so let's
stop the posturing please notice what
I'm do I have to shoot it back at them
and basically let them know let's cut
the crap
there's this posturing is some of the
employer in nonsense that they do and
they're used to getting away with it
and you have to let them know in a
polite way
notice I wasn't rude about this not
dealing with an imbecile because that's
the way they're treating like an
imbecile that using this we have people
internally who are stronger than you
standing boy we you know we're talking
to people less expensive than you if
they're better than I am you should hire
them should be the response but this is
what I'm looking for based upon my
understanding of the market we have I
would be concerned if I were you because
once they start to find out what the
market is for their skills you may wind
up losing them you are better off
bringing someone in like me who could be
a strong player this community of
organization notice ultimately you have
to swing back at them yeah to deal with
them where they are and cut the crap
with them because they are so used to
getting away with this BS I have to let
them know it's not going to work with
you well how much are you looking for
you know what I'm looking for is
if you decide I'm the right person for
you must have all honestly say this does
seem like a great opportunity I just
want to ask been made the strongest
offer what was in the woods now at this
point you can say well the market for
what I do is in the area or between x
and y dollars you know I could be a
little flexible or you avoid that line
which is my preference frankly and you
know I'd be happy to join and the idea
very clearly is cut the crap get on the
business get away with from the paw
story now if you don't want to get I get
them too or offer up a real number like
I said what you do we say you know I
understand where the market is you
probably do too
I'm just going to ask you to make the
strongest offer and leave it at that so
I hope you find this helpful I hope you
use some of these tactics in response to
employer BS I'm Jeff often the big game
hunter I've got a ton of videos about
salary negotiation on YouTube and seem
to be on Binge TV network I'll just
simply say watch my videos on YouTube
there is a ton there in a playlist about
different salary negotiation techniques
and tactics you can find easy ones you
can find tough ones there is just a lot
of material I've created over the years
about negotiating hope you have a great
day and take care


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