Avoiding a HUGE Networking Mistake

Avoiding a HUGE Networking Mistake | JobSearchTV.com

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter discusses a huge networking mistake most job hunters make.

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Hi! I’m Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter and I want to speak with you today about a mistake too many people make when they do networking.

Now people all know the importance of networking. You’ve got to get out to the people that you know. You want to get referrals . It’s also the mistake people make–they think you make one phone call. That’s enough. In point of fact, I’m not saying they should do this every day. It’d be obnoxious and I’d hate it, you’d hate it if you got those calls regular.

But think in terms of what it’s like to be the recipient of the request. Now you hear from your friend. ‘I’m looking for a job. This is what I’d be looking for. If you happen to hear of someone,  can you provide me . . . do you know of any firms or people I could speak with that might be able to help me?’

However you want to say it and language it, one of the mistakes people make and I think this is a very big one is if they make one call, their network is activated. They’re out there working for them.

Now, suddenly they are aggressively out there making phone calls for you trying to get you interviews. And it doesn’t work that way. After all you go to the doctor and people say do you know a doctor and you’re not out there referring your doctor to people,  are you? If in the normal course of action is you may have to make two or three calls to people to get them motivated and get them actively working for you every other week for a while just to check in with them, have them hear you. Hearing your voice . . . that may be enough of a trigger to get them thinking for you when you call.

You might just simply say ‘hi! How are you?’ and that reminder when they say, ‘so, what’s going on with you,’ it’s ‘you know I’m out there trying to get some interviews I’.ve been stumbling a little bit. I’m learning as I go.’ Now, you want to talk about yourself.

I’ve had some good interviews so far, had some bad interviews so far. You know I definitely could use some more. I don’t know if you might know someone who works for . . . I’ve been trying to get into that firm’ or ‘if you know someone who’s involved with fill in the blank,’ that kind of a phone call will go a long way toward getting people to think about you. Not just one phone call but it has to be a second and a third call because human nature is to forget.

I’ll be blunt about people, they forget. And by staying in touch with people in your primary network, they’ll start referring you to people in their network that you don’t know and since the statistics are seventy percent of jobs are filled through networking and seventy percent of those positions are filled by introductions to people whom you didn’t know at the beginning of your job search, you need to get the people that they know who you don’t.

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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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