You don't have much experience with . . .
This question is more of a statement than a question and is designed to rescue you.
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Because of our political climate and the impact of social media, many have developed a bad habit of weaponizing conversations
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The Winning Resume
How do you revamp your dusty old resume to make it a targeted piece of advertising that will win interviews? Starting with your most recent job, consulting assignment, temp assignment, or internship, write down every one of your major and minor accomplishments and how you went about achieving them. Do not skip anything. Write as...
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The Light Switches Brainteaser
So, firms are going to use tricks like this to try to weed out people who freeze
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The boat and the ladder brainteaser
There is a boat at sea.  It has a 10-foot ladder off the side and the rope ladder is 1 foot underwater.  It starts raining incredibly hard,
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What are three qualities of leadership?
This question is asked in interviews for people at a manager level and above.
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Blindfolded at a Table
How do you split the coins into 2 groups such that the same number of coins are heads in each group?
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Toughing it out
Even though it is a good thing, the problem with people who are skilled at perseverance is that they deploy that technique all the time.
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