Just listen
One day, my wife called upset. She is not a crier but was crying.
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Your Search Can End With Your Last Exit Interview
Someone I commuted with received a "heads up" from her boss that her position might be eliminated as part of a consolidation.
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Don’t Fall For Employers Conning You
I point out the two extremes of how employers try to "con” you and encourage you not to fall for it.
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10 Mistakes People Make When Negotiating
I recently interviewed Kate Dixon for Job Search TV on YouTube, Amazon, Roku, and elsewhere about mistakes people make when negotiating the total compensation.
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Perspectives from Hiring Authorities
When I sit down to write a column, I try to instill the idea of looking at everything from a hiring authority's perspective
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How to Remain Focused While Working in 2021
Whether you work from home or in the office, each setting offers its own forms of distractions.
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The recipe for resume success
Think of your resume in the context of SEO or keyword optimization
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4 Big Ways You Are Screwing Up Your Hiring (And How To Fix It)
Four common mistakes that can cause your process to take much longer than it needs to:
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You can fix stupid
I'm sometimes left with questions about the sanity of large institutions, particularly as it relates to veterans.
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