Are You Actively Interviewing?

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

This is not the answer to the question but, instead, focused on reminding you to organize.

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This video is one to address what you should be doing if you’re actively interviewing. Now, I want to be clear this is not a video about answering that interview question I’ve covered that in other places before or you can find my answer on YouTube. You can probably Google it. I think it’s a well rated answer by Google. But this is about you and organizing your search.

If you’re watching this fairly early in your search, as things progress, the likelihood is you’re going to forget details– details of your meetings, details of what you’ve been told, a variety of different details. What happens unfortunately is people get confused about what one firm’s said to them versus another and they make mistakes. They blame the firm but the mistake is sometimes their own.

I just want to encourage you take a little time and record some notes after your interviews. You can do it in a variety of ways. You could even use a pen and a piece of paper. Put it in your iPad or whatever device you happen to like using. Keep it in your phone. You just need reminders of the conversations. Now you don’t have to do it, let’s say you’re meeting three people on a given day. You don’t have to do it for each interview because you need to sit down pretty quickly afterwards to record some notes and impressions.

What was the hiring manager like or the team like? What kind of things did they ask you? When you asked questions, what were there answers to those kinds of things so that it doesn’t get confusing later. Job hunting seems problematic for many people. It happens because they deal with it in a kind of seat-of-the-pants kind of way and that’s what really causes some of the hysteria that occurs at the very end. Especially when you get to the offer stage, the pressure is really building to make the right choice.

You want to have some references back to earlier conversations that allows you to, number one, make the right choice but even before then ask some follow-up questions if you receive the offer to clarify in rough spots.

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