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EP 953 This is a trap question for people who are managers, directors, VP or C suite professionals.

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Today, I want to answer 1 of those tough interview questions that, to me, is a trap question that you need to be prepared for if you are asked it on an interview. The question is, "Do you consider yourself a strategic thinker?"

I'm sure most of you are scratching their heads and going, "Sure, I'm a strategic thinker." You are racing into the trap if you immediately answer that way.

What you want to be doing is answering from a textured perspective and give them a more complex answer. Again, this is a question is being asked a manager level and above , and depending upon where you are in the pecking order, you have a perspective of what is appropriate and your level.

Conceptually, the right answer would be, "Yes I am a strategic thinker but to be effective as a strategic thinker you have to think tactically. Like in the military, it is not enough to have an effective strategy; you have to be able to implement it. Unless you able to implement it, all you have are some great ideas

And some great intentions but nothing changes.

To be an effective strategic thinker, to work with a strategy that helps an organization, you have to look at the implementation of it, what the rough edges might be, where it runs up against resistance forces."

Do you weren't coming from here? Always try to give them a textured answer that basically translates into, "Yes, I'm a strategic thinker but to be that way, you have to think tactically. It's like in the military. Military leaders, if you've ever spoken to them, our brilliant people. Incredibly smart. They can think in conceptual terms and technical terms for the battlefield."

It's really the same thing for you. You have to be able to talk about both the big picture and tactics.

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