Am I Doing the Right Thing By Quitting? | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

EP 2268 Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter examines the feelings you may have about resigning from your job that cause you to wonder whether you were doing the right thing.

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Am I Doing the Right Thing By Quitting? | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

You may also find my playlist, “Resigning/Quitting” helpful.

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episode 2268 of no bs job search advice
radio i'm your host jeff off in the big
game hunter and welcome
it's friday and some of you are thinking
of going into your boss's office and
giving notice quitting walking out a
variety of different things and asking
yourself the question am i doing the
right thing and that's what this show is
about answering that question internally
that lingering doubt that shows up hope
you find it helpful hope you give it an
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moment i want to talk with you about
that feeling that often
shows up at the time you have to resign
your job
you know that feeling that translates
am i doing the right thing
98 times out of 100 you are
two percent of cases that i'm tracked
when i review with someone uh what
is going on and what that hesitancy is
all about there's a logical reason for
now it's natural to be afraid at the
time that you're gonna quit
after all you're cutting off a lot of
ties that you've had with other people
that you've known for a while that
you've developed relationships with um
abandoning them going to another place
where despite the fact that the job may
be interesting to you and the people are
nice it's starting over again and that
creates some apprehension
all very natural
my encouragement for you is to take five
minutes and examine uh that am i doing
the right thing feeling to see if
there's any concrete reason for why it
if there's a concrete reason like you
know there's something wrong about this
job that
my bs detector
my bs detector that's the smell test
causes you to have concern about will
deal with that issue with the potential
by simply calling them and saying i had
a question for you
once you hear the answer you can feel
comfortable resigning your job now i
want to be clear
things will be different there is going
to be a change you know you're going to
walk in on monday morning probably
and nothing will be the same
that is absolutely a certain thing
when all is said and done there's a
reason why you want to quit your job
there were feelings that you had and
opinions that you had that said it was
time to go that shouldn't be overwhelmed
by momentary fear
when all is said and done
changing jobs
is probably the right course of action
for you to take
after all
when all is said and done
your employer will always do the right
thing for them and cut bait with you
even though it may be hard for them but
they have to look out for their
and so do you you have to look out for
the people who are important for you you
have to look out for yourself and your
interests and your needs and the next
organization is going to bring you
closer to many of your goals don't let
momentary fear and apprehension cause
you to hesitate and miss out or
completely blow an opportunity
that will serve you well
pausing and being fearful and asking
yourself the question
am i doing the right thing
there's a story i told in another video
about how lions hunt gazelle
and the short version of it is you know
lions find it impossible to catch
gazelle so they have a system in place
that allows them to do it
old gazelle old lions will hide and the
young lions will drive the gazelle in
the direction of the old lions
the result is
just as soon as the gazelle come up on
the old lions the old lions stand up
roar cause the gazelle to be frightened
and that causes them to turn around and
rush back into the teeth of the young
gazelle young lions
who kill them and eat them
the moral to this story is
go towards your fears rather than away
from them
most cases doing that in almost all
cases doing that will really serve your
interest best so that's today's show i
hope you found it helpful and if you did
here are a few more ways to get
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i'll be back tomorrow with more and in
the meantime i hope you have a great day
be great


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