Advice About Resilience: A Story from an Immigration Attorney | No BS Job Search Advice Radio


FROM THE ARCHIVES (2011) My friend, Richard, shared a story with me that I thought was worth sharing because of how it can be applied to job hunting.

NOTE: I no longer do recruiting. I am a career coach who helps with job hunting, hiring, managing, and leading staff, and being effective in the workplace. Any job mentioned during this podcast was filled years ago.


Advice About Resilience: A Story from an Immigration Attorney | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

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and now insurance minded speeches from
Geico hardship my grandmother would go
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Oh baby good morning it's Jeff up in the
big game hunter it's Monday morning at 9
a.m. Eastern Time and that means it's
time for no BS job search advice the
fact of the matter is more often than
not most of you are doing things that
are making it harder for you to find
work and not an issue with the job
market it's not an issue of bias or
discrimination by employers more often
than not the issue is you and I want to
start off today's show with a letter
that a friend of mine forwarded to me
the letter ostensibly has nothing to do
with job hunting my friend is an
immigration attorney and he wanted to
share with me a story about a potential
new client he in met with who was
consulting with him on his immigration
prospects I want to read the letter to
you verbatim because I think there's
some nice teaching in there that could
be helpful for you and I'm going to edit
tiny little things from it that might
involve personal comments he makes to me
and to read you a new potential coin
came to me today for consultation on his
immigration process
which we analyzed and for which we set
up a game plan I could tell that unlike
many clients I mean with he already knew
much of what I was telling them he was
obviously educated has the right to work
here but it's not permanent when I asked
him what kind of work he's doing the
look on his face changed a slight slump
in his body and his demeanor because
like many immigrants
he's extremely underemployed parking
cars he's just gotten to commercial
driver's license but not doing what he
wants to do or believes he can do and
this is affected his outlook at his
self-image I wasn't trying to do any
sort of special thing with him but all I
did was ask him some questions in the
way that I know you would I do and
shortly thereafter he tells me he is the
one stopping himself from getting his
education evaluated theories memories
born overseas and yes foreign education
or getting his GED here and then he
asked me if I watched pro basketball
which my friends says he does and then
he goes into the example of Dirk
Nowitzki german-born Center for the
Dallas Mavericks who for many years was
an also-ran
until this year in which he and the rest
of his team decided that this was their
year and they were not to be the dog the
Witzke had a serious ankle injury during
the finals shook it off made some
amazing plays essentially carrying the
team on his back and they won the title
this year and then the potential client
told them of how the Whiskey said in his
interviews I am resilience and then this
man said to my friend I'm resilient too
and his entire demeanor his body face
tone of voice changed recognizing that
even though he doesn't have all he would
like here in terms of paperwork he's got
a lot more than others and he stands up
at that point tells me
Pepsi's voted not to take creates goals
for himself and my friends wrote about
how he noticed what seemed like the
burden had come off his shoulders
basically this man sorted things out for
and figured out that he himself had been
up until this point the roadblock to
achieving what he wanted to achieve now
as I said earlier and I've said many
times for many of you you are the
roadblock and you're not taking the
steps that you need to take in order to
find the job and do the things necessary
to get the kind of job that you want you
may be stuck in a role that you are
tolerating why are you tolerating things
if it's a lack of skill get better
skills if it's you don't believe anymore
that you have the ability that you once
believed you had will change that fix it
take the steps necessary to do that I'm
removing it because of a dad with a
ten-year-old that kids when they start
off have incredible belief in what
they're able to do and that as parents
our job is to recognize when they have
some fears and help them work their way
through their fears and I'm going to be
talking with you about one of the basic
fears that people have and at least
relays the job search and that is
networking networking is that situation
of course where you connect with people
you may know very well you may know a
little bit or may not know very much at
all can you try to ask them for advice
and introduction to get access to more
why is this important to you well real
simple 30% of jobs are filled by people
who are responding to job ads only ting
70% are behaved being filled by other
most of those are being filled through
networking so networking is going to
give you access to more jobs it's going
to give you an opportunity to become
involved with more organizations and put
you in front of more people where there
might be a better opportunity for you
then might exist in the ads that you're
responding for yet for so many people
they're paralyzed and none the prospect
of taking positive steps to get
themselves into a networking situation
many of you don't go to networking
events many of you don't go to trade
shows many of you don't even get
involved with LinkedIn other than to try
and get as many connections as you
possibly can you're not using it as a
networking tool that's intended as
you're not part of groups online trying
to help other people and developing a
reputation for yourself as a go-to
person in a particular field you're just
going through the motions and in going
through the motions frankly you're like
this client that my friend wrote about
you're doing your job you're probably
doing it well but you're settling and
for most people settling involves an
axes accepting defeat now if you want to
do that that's certainly your
prerogative but my objective in giving
people no BS job search advice is to
tell you flat-out that for many of you
for most of you for almost all of you
you have the same incredible potential
as my son had as a young boy and he's 10
I tried very hard not to crush your
spirit and I know at times it's
difficult but you know I want him to
feel the joy and resilience of life and
not feel the crushing defeats that so
many others experience and I want that
for you too
so if you're holding yourself back if
you're not putting yourself in
networking events if you're not
networking on LinkedIn and other social
network sites you're playing small and
you need to start reconstructing your
job search to get yourself access to 70%
of the jobs that you're not exposing
yourself to because we're not out there
trying to connect with other people so
again I want to encourage you step up do
the things that make you uncomfortable
and we thought I want to close this
segment of the show with with a story I
heard many years ago about how lions
hunt gazelle and I'm sorry if it hunting
story offend some of you but is it's a
story about how animals hunted in the
wild and you know gazella faster than
lions and they're certainly faster than
old ones but lions set up the system
where they were able to catch the
gazelle pretty effectively and what they
do is old gazelle who clearly cannot
catch these other old lions who clearly
cannot catch the gazelle while hiding in
a place and then the young lions start
chasing the gazelle who are able to have
run them and the young lions are
basically driving the herd of gazelle in
the direction of the old law
that has the gazelle come up on the old
lions the old Lions stand up and roar
which frightened the young gazelle and
they turn around and run back into the
teeth of the young lions were able to
catch them and kill them for food heavy
these gazelle run in the direction of
what frightened them if they had runs
toward the thing that they were most
afraid of they would have been able to
defeat it because they're just faster
than the old water but their fear got
the best of them and so it is in much of
life and in job hunting the very things
that you don't do because you're afraid
of embarrassing yourself or just
outright afraid because you don't think
you do it well are the very things you
need to get better at those are the
skills you need to develop in order to
become exceptional and to get access to
the opportunities that you want so my
encouragement for you is to get out
there and practice and get better at
these things go toward the Roar just
like those young gazelle need to do okay
now I want to start talking with you
about some of the jobs I'm recruiting
for and I'll start by saying there are a
lot more on my website so if you go to
Jeff Altman comm you can search for many
jobs I'm recruiting for beyond something
the ones I'm going to mention today and
in addition you can look at previous
issues of nobies job search advice
listen to previous episodes of this show
and overall you know get a better feel
for my experience and it takes some more
steps toward getting some of the
opportunities that you want you know
there are links where you can post your
resume on the site
and a whole host more more thing so go
exploring on the website and when you
start talking with you about some of the
jobs and recruiting for so for one of
the global consulting firms I have a
host of positions ranging from associate
to manager to see your manager roles add
salaries that are under a hundred
thousand to an excessive two hundred
thousand they are based in Charlotte
North Carolina for insurance data
management professionals who have
experience in one or more insurance
operations areas like an underwriting
reinsurance claims investments or
financial reporting we have a technology
background and the more senior you are
the more they have an expectation that
you might have consulting experience
they would love to have people with
background in policy or claims
administration software solutions who
might have knowledge with leading
economic capital management of modeling
schools as I said hosted positions here
at a broad range of salaries then based
out of New York with the same firm I
have roles in credit risk technology
like the previous jobs I mentioned these
also involve travel seventy-five maybe
maybe eighty percent degreed individual
preferably an MBA six or more years of
experience working with financial
services companies or countable
experience working as services firms you
know banking and capital markets credit
product background absolute requirement
credit and capital management business
processes data mapping there's a lot
more on my website for this job but I'm
trying to come up on time for the end of
my show so I just want to say come over
to my website and look at some of the
jobs that are listed there
and if you're qualified and for
available in any of them please email
your resume to me at the big game hunter
at CIS and if you know someone
who might fit one of these jobs better
than you invite them to forward a resume
to me and mention your name you know
isn't it I fill the job with with them
you'll receive a finder's fee from me if
you want me to have a copy of your
resume I all means send it but in the
subject line I've used the phrase on
spec now I won't be broadcasting next
week because it's going to be Labor Day
in the United States I'll be back the
following Monday with more on Dobie s
job search advice for you again come to
my website Jeff and calm and go
exploring you might even consider
picking up one of my books about jobs I
think a lot of you need help with
research process this is Jeff Hoffman
the big-game hunter I hope you have a
successful week and enjoy the holiday
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