My Background


Now, he works with professionals nationally, helping them reposition or transition to new roles and be effective once in them.

I have a Master’s degree from Fordham University and post-graduate training at the Institute of Modern Psychoanalysis (IMP) and Coachville.

Before transitioning to coaching, I was a top performer for several search firms before opening, The Big Game Hunter, Inc.  in 2006. Throughout my career, I have developed and managed client relationships, internal recruiting staff and successfully completed more than 1200 search assignments PLUS many consulting assignments.


*TM The Big Game Hunter, Inc., Asheville, NC, 2008


When I worked in search, I held the CPC (The Certified Personnel Consultant) designation awarded by the National Association of Personnel Services to professionals who are able to meet rigorous standards and am an MSW from Fordham University who did psychoanalytic training at The Institute of Modern Psychoanalysis in New York and coach training from Coachville. Although I no longer practice as a therapist, I do use my training and experience to understand and correct how people get in their own way and defeat their expressed intentions.

In addition, I am also a leader emeritus of the ManKind Project, a not-for-profit corporation, that assists men with life issues.

My articles about job hunting and hiring are published on, and my website, 

I have also written and published 8 books about job hunting, many special reports about different aspects of job hunting as well as 1 about staffing.

In addition, I host the #1 podcast in Apple Podcasts about job search, “No BS Job Search Advice Radio,” and “The No BS Coaching Advice Podcast.”

Jeff also has almost 7000 videos about job search, hiring, management, and being effective in the workplace that are available on In addition, his videos are now appearing for FireTV, Roku, AppleTV, and approximately 90 video services through the BingeNetworks.TV app. The common thread of my life is encouraging and supporting people. Whether it’s my work in recruiting, as a therapist, a leader, a husband, father, or coach, I try to assist individuals and organizations prosper.”I have effectively worked with industry leaders and start-up firms in many industries and many types of roles at executive, management, and staff levels.”

* More than 40 years of executive search experience for assignments in the US and Canada.

* Successful track record

* Great listening skills*

He has been a coach and leader for many years.

“Leaders and their staff shape the success of an organization. I understand how important it is for a people to have allies throughout their career who they can call upon to support them and their firm’s success.

Although I no longer work in search, I have synthesized my diverse experiences and training to help people perform well in their job search as well as after they are on board.

21 Things That You Didn’t Know About Me

  • I pitched a no-hitter in the little league. The mound from which I pitched is now part of Yankee Stadium.
  • I grew up in The Bronx
  • I once went on a date where I traveled 2 and a half hours on the subway and a bus to get there.
  • My first real job out of school was as a messenger
  • My brother’s name is Alex
  • I ran and finished The New York Marathon
  • When I started my first job in recruiting, I earned a draw against a commission of $125 per week.
  • I have been married more than once (I interview better now)
  • I have lived in Queens, NY twice
  • I love ice cream and my favorite is from a little place in Scranton, Pennsylvania called Manning’s.

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  • I was the lead singer for a band named, “Swago.”
  • I used to be a “political kid” and did advance work.
  • My parents’ names were Abe and Lola.
  • I was the first person in my neighborhood to hit a jump shot.
  • I played stickball on Sherman Avenue in The Bronx and hit a ball so far it traveled more than 4 sewers and on top of a five story building.
  • My best friends growing up were Sheldon and Jeff.
  • It took me more than 10 years to write my first book.
  • I wrote my first blog post in August 2001, two weeks before 9/11.
  • I am almost always up before 5 AM
  • I played goalie in a roller hockey league in The Bronx
  • I will never read “50 Shades of Grey.”


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