A Review of Intelligence Search Chrome Extension (VIDEO)

Everyone is looking for ways to use social media effectively in a job search. Intelligence search is a Chrome extension to help you find people to network with on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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I wanted to do a review today of a product called, Intelligence Search. As you can see, is a chrome extension that I've added in that is the little icon there that you can see in the upper right on my screen. I have a number of extensions here, but I'm experimenting with this 1 and I like it.

Let's say you're looking for someone on Facebook, you click here and lo and behold it says, "Search Facebook." It also says search LinkedIn and search twitter and will examine that later. Let's say you're looking for people and I use myself as an example, I start by typing, "Jeff Altman." And, along the way, you will see it's starting to auto populate pretty quickly. You'll notice that it shows my business page. It also has individuals.

If I click on my name and search Facebook, it opens up a tab and offers a series of choices including me , of course. Obviously there's more than one Jeff Altman on Facebook if you are trying to find someone in particular, that you want to connect with, maybe you found them in a different venue, you have a sense of what they look like. See can narrow it down visually, you can you do that using this tool.

I want to come back to it for second. We can also search pages, groups... In groups. You can also search, "We are members work at." Let me use Google as an example. We can now search. We can now search groups of Google employees and see where they hang out that you can find them in if you happen to be doing recruiting.

Let's go back again to the extension, events, posts where there are references, let's say it's about, "Jeff Altman., The Big Game Hunter "let's see what turns up on this 1. I'm curious. It has some of the posts that I've done of different forms of content where I'm referenced.

Again, going back to the extension, you can be searching photos on Facebook, keywords on twitter, you can search LinkedIn by location or multiple locations. Notice that there is a OR search available.

This is a pretty accurate search tool.

There are lots of different ways to find individuals using this extension. You can use any number of different extensions to find people, but most are not that good on Facebook. This 1 I believe will be. Try experimenting with it. Tell me what you think of it.

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