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If a company rejected me when I directly applied but after a few months an employment agency calls me for the same role, should I go ahead and apply again or tell them that I applied with the company before but was rejected immediately? Here’s what I think.

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter.. I've got a fun scenario to talk with you
about today here's the question if a company rejected me when I directly
applied but after a few months an employment agency calls me for the same
role should I go ahead and apply again or tell them that I applied with the
company before but was rejected immediately?
like I said fun scenario so here's the first thing that indicates an assumption
on your part. It's the same job. Could be the same job description. That doesn't mean
it's the same job, same hiring manager, probably the same firm . . . let's work with
the assumption it's the same firm . . . but it could be a different group. It could be a
generic job description with a higher 15 people like this you know in different
departments in the organization we don't know because it's the same job
description or the same no I would not apply directly again your resume doesn't
get through the ATS. The recruiter will know the differences. They may not. They
probably don't work through the ATS. They may work with human beings and thus can have the
human being to human being conversation that you chose not to attempt to even
try. You just applied and there's a lesson for you. Never EVER apply for a job
through an applicant tracking system. Just don't do it. It's called the black hole for a
reason don't bother from there I want you to say to the recruiter Hey look I
applied for something at (whatever the firm was; give them the name that you applied
for is this with them yes okay I don't know what the apartment was but I did
something directly with them I just want to give you a heads up about it and it's
a courteous thing to do they're going to try and submit you anyway for
because they're gonna talk to a person and they're gonna try and circumvent the
issue with the applicant tracking system but you at least were honest enough with
them to tell them you previously applied so they can make a
decision on their side whether to go further. The company's process maybe
one where they don't notice the difference and this firm has influence. They may
have a great relationship with the hiring manager where if they get you in directly, you ever shot at them earning
a fee so when I apply directly never in a million years nor have I ever told
anyone to apply for a job through an applicant tracking system it's a waste
of time for you people just tell the recruiter what you did in the past go
forward from there. Let them make the decision. I hope you found this helpful
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great day and BE GREAT!!!


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