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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter explains how to get faster action on your resumes on Indeed.

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Indeed is a great service. It is aggregating all sorts of jobs from all over the place. It's to be replaced upload the resume and have it distributed to people. There was one thing about the indeed resume service that is a little quirky. They shield the contact information from people who are searching for it and, thus, you have to contact the candidate through their system.

Someone should be a workaround for that because 1 of the issues with doing that is that it makes. Indeed, more importantly needs to be in this process. If you want to have that delay with people contacting you, if you want that sort of "emailing messages sort of thing" that indeed offers, great! Leave it as it is. Most people I know want to have speed in their communications. They do because, the fact of the matter is, you are competing with other individuals for these jobs. Any delay can cost access to an opportunity that will make sense for you. I think you get that.

Here's what I saw someone do. Melvin, great job! I really like this!

What he did in the body of his resume, under his current job and worked into the content, he put his phone number and email address. Indeed is not going to purge that. As a result, for recruiters who wanted to reach him, they will be able to get his name, phone number and email address and reach out immediately to him. No delays. Beautiful!

If you are actively job, that's a way for you to go. When you are not actively job hunting, see if you can remove the resume from the site or edit that area so that you're not getting more calls or emails..

Great little hack. I thought I would bring to your attention.

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