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EP 1747 A few opportunities to prepare people for video interviews caused me to want to remind you of these few things.

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Today, I thought would I talk with you about video interviews because I’ve had a couple of instances where, again, people are being interviewed by video and I wanted to point out a couple of things to you there.

For those of you were glasses, I kept the overhead light on intentionally for this one and I have a spot that’s over there. Notice the glare on my classes? Well, if you are interviewing, you have to be aware of glare because people can’t see your eyes. So, you need to practice tilting her head a little bit if you need to were glasses in the course of the conversation to take the glare off of them. So, again, you don't want to look like goofy but a slight head tilt for most of the interview is going to serve you.

Also, be aware that when you shift, it's going to change the glare on your glasses and distract the person who is interviewing you. Again, be conscious. Notice how glare affects you glasses.

Another thing. I’ve always spoke about what's behind you. I had the episode of someone who had the long hallway behind them to the front door. Not a good view, is it. I also want to point out that light should be in front of you on your face, rather than behind you. As I was preparing someone for an interview this week for big job, I noticed couldn’t see their face and the reason was the light was behind them. Every once in a while. I could see it because he angled it in a particular way, but they needed to change where the laptop was to have to wait on them, rather than behind them. It makes a big difference in how you are seeing or not seen.

Remember, the advantage of a video interview is that they have the chance to see you and connect with you as a person. That’s your face. That's really your body language and how it projects to people. If they can't see you, if they can’t connect with your eyes, if they can see your face, you've lost a great opportunity and probably won't go any further.

Last thing, and this is always hard for people to hear, practice. So often, people have this notion of interviews as having the requirement to present themselves as professional and to only tell professional stories without getting anything personal in there. I will tell you that it's so important to deliver the personal. It really helps people connect at an emotional level with you and that can make all the difference in the world.

So, as I done in other videos, prepare your stories in advance. Use the acronym SOAR.

S..what's the situation that you stepped into.

O. What’s the objective that you had.

A. What action did you take.

R. What was the result, ideally with a metrics. Money saved. Money earned or percentage improvement.


JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter
JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter

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