No Resume Responses? No One Contacting You in LinkedIn?

Because I worked in recruiting for so long and filled so many positions and consulting assignments, I bring a recruiter’s eye and know how to position both for better results. Let me diagnose what’s wrong with them and send you a video prescription for changes. You can order a critique here

Don't Know What You Are Doing Wrong?

Even in awful job markets, people are getting interviews and being hired. Schedule a 60-minute coaching session with me so I can help you get on the right path. You’ll also receive a recording of the session so you won’t have to take notes or remember what we discuss. Schedule it here

Do You Need a Trusted Adviser to Help You Decide About a Job Offer?

As much as may love your wife/husband/partner/parents or respect your former manager, mentor and others, often, they are amateurs who may or may not know much more than you. Schedule a Trusted Adviser session with me and we’ll take a deep dive into your situation and how to handle it. You’ll receive a video recording of our session. You can schedule a Trusted Adviser session here.

Are Your Interviews Going Nowhere?

As a former recruiter turned job search coach, I’ve helped thousands of people find full-time work and consulting assignments. I’ll help you master interviewing with an easy-to-follow framework that will help you interview exceptionally well. You will also receive a recording of our session. You can schedule interview coaching by clicking here.

Are You Afraid of Leaving Money on the Table?

Having helped many people find work both as a recruiter and as a job search coach, I understand that negotiations begin much earlier than the offer stage. They begin at your first interview. Now that you have an offer, I can help you negotiate a better deal. Schedule a salary negotiation coaching session with me.

We’ll discuss your situation and I’ll offer tactics. You’ll also receive a video recording of our session.

Have a Second, Third or Final Interview Scheduled?

Many people make it to a final interview and wonder why they don’t receive an offer. I’ll help you prepare like an all-star, so you can present at your best whether that is at a second, third or a final interview. Schedule an interview coaching session with me.

Job Search Coach. Career Coach. More.

People hire me for No BS Job Search coaching and career advice globally because I make finding work and succeeding in your new job much easier.

I used to help organizations by hunting down leaders and staff as employees or consultants. Now, as a job search coach, he works with people globally to help them find new roles or transition to new careers and be effective once in them. I take all the experiences I accumulated as a recruiter and help guide people into new jobs.  I use my experience to help you so you don’t have to learn through trial and error, losing opportunities you could have won.

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

Certified Career Transition Coach


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Focus Your Efforts With 1 to 1 Coaching

There is nothing sadder than someone losing their job or having to find a new one after dedicating themselves to a firm.

Maybe you’re learning the lesson that it is not enough to be competent at what you do to find a new job. You need to know how to search for work, too.

I work with you to help navigate a job search so that you don’t lose an opportunity you’re qualified for, don’t have to job hunt for a long time, and can work for a firm in a new role that values you.

If you prefer to DIY your job search (not advisable, but your choice) you can order a relevant video course, book or guide, or search my blog for content that will help you.

What People Say

  • “Jeff is a real pro at career coaching. I’ve personally recommended him to many close friends and colleagues. He coached me during a transition, was great at interview preparation but also available on short notice during every critical juncture. Jeff also listened to what I said…and had the experience to get what I didn’t say, helping me through sometimes complex negotiations. He had my immediate respect – he brings so much valuable experience to his work. Hire Jeff. He’ll make a real difference at every step.”

    Head of Strategy and Business Planning
  • “It is hard to find a career/life coach like Jeff. He is always ready to have candid conversations and most importantly he is a seasoned coach who understands the global corporate recruitment dynamics.Jeff listened and carefully helped me identify subtle changes that helped me to break through a job opportunity I was interviewing for in Europe. The real game changer was that he knew how to provide directional feedback in realtime coaching throughout the entire process from the initial conversations all the way to in depth interviews with the senior leaders. Working with Jeff was an incredibly valuable experience and he will continue to be my first go-to person throughout my career.”

    Head of Marketing, Global Sr. Director
  • “Jeff is a remarkably astute and intuitive advisor. Whenever I want insight into dynamics, I turn to Jeff to read the tea leaves. He is five for five in predicting behaviors of others and very helpful in clarifying actions that I should take. He’s also very plain spoken and upfront, which I much appreciate. He helped me a lot and I do recommend him to others.”

    Chief Executive Officer & Board Member
  • What sets Jeff apart is his personalized approach. He didn’t just offer generic advice; he tailored his guidance to suit my individual needs and circumstances. His willingness to go the extra mile, whether it was providing additional resources, recommending relevant videos from his website, or simply lending a sympathetic ear, made a significant difference in my job search journey.

    Senior Sales VP
  • “I met Jeff at a time when I needed some great advice. I had been looking for a new position and kept running into the same issues. After a single session with Jeff he was able to identify a few specific points I needed to address. A month later (and 4 more sessions) I was confident, prepared and more valuable to prospective employers. Within two more weeks I had an offer and then another. Today I am working at my dream job and I sincerely believe that Jeff’s counsel is what made all the difference. In the future I will be using Jeff to help me grow and achieve even greater heights for my company and myself.”

    VP of Marketing
  • “Knowledge and Wisdom. That is what you develop working with “The Big Game Hunter.” Many thanks to Jeff for his expertise and ability to be a guide through tough decisions. I was given the power to take the drivers seat in all aspects of my job search. Most importantly, it gave me the ability to critically assess my interviewers through the process and see through the smoke and mirrors in order to find the truth of the work environment. His one-on-one counseling keeps you on focus and targeted to your goals, while minimizing distractions along the way. I have already recommended him to friends and will continue to do so. This is a guy you want in your corner.”

    Chiropractic Functional Neurologist
  • Jeff is a fantastic career coach who really guides you through the interview process and the many intricacies of interviewing. He provides helpful guides and advice that actually work and are helpful not only in securing a job but also being successful in the job.

    If you ever need job search or career advice, seriously consider Jeff because he will not disappoint you!

    Senior HR Associate