8 Things You Should Do When Starting a Job Search

8 Things You Should Do When Starting a Job Search

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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If you’re not sure what to do, here’s a list that might help.

1. Know yourself

Figure out what really interests and excites you. Use the interests and traits to explore career choices and opportunities.

2. Take a career assessment test.

There are many career assessment tests available online. Find the time to take one. The test gives you a lot of insights about yourself, your core competencies and work preferences. I like this one (the premium one will do a career assessment).

3. Ask others for advice and help.

It’s hard to see yourself as others do. Don’t you think it would help you to ask friends and family about your traits and skills. Your co-workers are also a good source of information. Knowing how they perceive you, what they like and don’t like about you and what skills or traits need to be changed can be helpful in determining your professional profile.

4. What excites you?

Would you be more interested in status or a six figure salary? Do you want to make a difference in your community and the world or just on your company’s net worth? What’s most important to you in your next job or organization?

5. Take control. Take charge.

In the past when people worked for a big company, people often believed that they would be working there for their entire career. In those days, the corporation drove your career path, advancing as it saw fit.

At the turn of this century, things changed. In the span of your career, you will probably work for at least five companies and many will work for even more. Know which career track you want and making sure that track takes you to where you want should be a part of your repertoire as much as getting driving directions online before you set off on a trip yu are not familiar with.

6. Determine the company fit.

With the focus on streamlined and productivity-focused companies, the cultural and company fit are just as important as your professional goals. Consider the values and principles of the company and compare them with your own. It is important that you feel comfortable and fit in with company.

7. Free your mind.

The career path you choose is about change and more change. It includes expansion and new opportunities. All of these changes require a desire to journey and discover.

8. Keep yourself “in balance”

A lot of time is devoted to a person’s career when they are in your 20s and 30s. When you reach your 40s and 50’s, your personal/family life might take precedence and may be more important to you. Find a firm that will provide you with a balance in your work and your life.

9. Don’t tolerate a job you hate

If you’re not satisfied with the way your career is going, do something! You are responsible for your career!

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