6 Things Recruiters Know That You Don't | JobSearchTV.com

6 Things Recruiters Know That You Don’t | JobSearchTV.com

I worked as a recruiter for a long time before transitioning to coaching. These are 6 things recruiters know that most of you don’t.

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I’m Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I’m called The Big Game Hunter. . .  It started when I did recruiting, I used to hunt down leaders and staff for organizations. Did it for more than 40 years and now I coach people. I’ve done that for the last five, six years, helping people perform at a high level in a job search, with hiring more effectively, management, leadership, and a variety of other things. I want to talk with you about six things that recruiters know that most of you don’t, that can have an impact on your search.

The first one is, first impressions matter with them, and with their clients. So whether you’re meeting in person, or you’re doing it by video, your presence matters. Your manners matter. What your Jeff Altman, The Big Game Huntermanner is like matters, as well as your ability to connect.

I know when I interviewed people, I tried to get a sense of how this person might interact with my clients, and whether the two parties could get along and make a connection. Now, that didn’t guarantee anything, because obviously, if someone didn’t have a skills, background, that fit, or they could demonstrate it in the course of the interview, they’d be rejected. But your presence and your ability to connect, as well as manners, your manner, they all matter.

Number two is sometimes you might have been able to get more money. They know the range for the role. And at the same time they want to do the deal. They’re afraid, just like you are, of making a mistake that proves costly. So when you start the search, you need to understand what’s the salary range for the role, and thus, if they come in with less than the top money, I know, they’re gonna respond by saying, “Well, they didn’t assess you to the highest level by comparison to people within their organization.”

“In what way,” has to be your immediate follow up to put pressure back on them to come up with an explanation,. You can say that . . .they may respond and say, “I don’t know; that’s what they told me,”

“Well, could you find out because knowing that the range was going $10,000 more, I want to understand why it is they came in with less. And frankly, I’m looking for the top of the range, I’m not looking to make an accommodation.” So, that puts pressure on a third party recruiter to advocate for you. And you can always change your mind, right? But you want to pressure them to work for you, and not just simply push you into that slot that their client would really prefer pay.

Number three is your most recent job and your most recent role matters most. After all, the likelihood that you’re going to be qualified for something that you did five, six years ago is pretty small, even though you’ve done what they want you to do. You may have graduated from that. outperformed that and gotten rusty at that. So understand your most recent work matters to their client.

Number four, what you perform in an interview, how you deliver the goods in the interview, that’s going to remain in their system for quite some time. Like forever. And thus, if you misbehave in the interview, you can wind up getting yourself blacklisted.

If you apply for the job a few months after bombing during the interview, well, do you really think if you’re stinking up the joint, they’re gonna want to see you again so soon after? No. So always get yourself prepared for interviews so you do perform well. So it’s, it’s almost there. And thus, maybe they’ll circle back to you. Or you can see that ad contact the recruiter (corporate and third party) and say “I interviewed for a similar role or that identical role. I came close,” and their system will confirm that.

Which brings me to the next point. Number five. Most of the time, it’s okay to reschedule if you won’t be ready to deliver at the time of the interview. Not two weeks out. Maybe a day or two out. There is always an excuse to be given.

Now, agency recruiters hate when people do this. And they’ll say “you gotta get in. You got it . . . because they don’t want to do the back and forth to reschedule and they’re afraid that the reqwill get closed with someone else. But the fact of the matter is, that probably won’t happen. And, if it does, you wouldn’t have delivered anyway. So, always try to be ready for each interview so that their system is not noting that you were awful.

The last thing, informal conversations matter, too. Every time you’re speaking with someone in an organization. It is part of an interview process, even the casual chit chat on the way to the elevator or some other. . . . You’re having a conversation during lunch meeting, or you’re waiting for someone to join the Zoom call, and you’re talking with the hiring manager or talking with someone over Zoom. It matters and can be a basis for rejection.

So simply, these are six things you need to pay attention to that recruiters know and probably aren’t going to tell you. I hope you found this helpful. There’s a lot more information that can help you my website, TheBigGameHunter.us. Go to the blog on that website. Go exploring. Like I said, a lot there to help you around job search, hiring, management, leadership, and much much more. And if this isn’t the right time for you to do that, put that address in your phone. Again, TheBigGameHunter.us My name is Jeff Altman. And in the notes field on your phone, put the phrase job search blog. This way you can find it when you need it.

At the site, you can schedule time for a free discovery call, schedule time for coaching. There’s just a lot there including information about different courses I’ve created.

Lastly, connect with me on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/TheBigGameHunter. Hope you have a terrific day and most importantly, be great



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