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5 Ways to Make Money on the Side

Times are tough for a lot of people. Millions of people remain out of work, struggling to pay their bills with below subsistence unemployment payments available to them and soon ending.

What can you do to make some money while continuing to try to find that next job or transition into a new career?

Here are five ideas that you might want to look into.

1. Coach, Consult, or Freelance: You have expertise that may be beneficial to others. For example, my old career was working in executive search and, thus, I know the process of helping people find work. A few years ago, I decided to transition into coaching, and because of the strong branding I had from search was able to easily transition into job search and career coaching. There are things that you know that others don’t. You may not be a “world-class expert” at that thing but you know more than others do. Monetize your knowledge as a coach, consultant, or freelancer. Maybe your expertise lends itself to fiverr.com, upwork.com or freelancer.com

2. Sell your crap online You may not think it’s worth anything but often it is to someone else. That recently surfaced with my wife when she decided she didn’t like cooking with our cast iron pots and wanted to throw them away. “Who would want them,” she asked. I pointed out to an ad that our Dutch oven was worth $150-$225 and she was hooked. You can sell stuff on eBay, craigslist, and Facebook markets. If you want to do more than that, there are people discarding stuff for free on freecycle.com or in neighborhood Facebook groups. Sell stuff and pocket cash.

3. Write an ebook and sell it on Amazon. As few as 30–45 pages can be called an ebook. Amazon will provide a cover for you or for a few dollars on Fiverr someone will design one for you. Enroll in Amazon’s Kindle Select program. It is an opportunity for people to borrow the book as though it is in a library. Amazon will pay a few pennies per page which may be a way that you will earn more over time on some of your titles.

4. Create an online class. Like an e-book, you can sell your knowledge online through sites like udemy.com, Skillshare.com, or Tabletwise.com. As a result, you have access to a marketplace of people who come to the site to look for information AND you can market your course through social media, too.

5. Get paid to do stuff for other people. I’m not a big fan of taking on more work but if your skills don’t fit into neat boxes, you can take on side jobs like dog walking or pet sitting, taking on microtasks with mechanicalturk or taskrabbit, teaching, tutoring, contact tracing and other jobs where you are needed by quite disposable.

Yes, you can Airbnb a room but why would you bring someone who might have Covid into your home or apartment.

What makes you unique.

Is it that recipe that everyone loves that you can sell a recipe for or prepare for others?

Is it how you listen to others so well and your ability to “hold space?”

This is a time to do something with your talents and use them differently.

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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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